Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Yahoo Groups

(November 2006)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve spent some quality time in yahoo groups – way too much time, in fact. I’ve been group owner group moderator, and peon in both chat groups and even a few RP/writing groups.  My time has not been in vain, as I’ve discovered several life lessons…


1~Just because someone is in charge doesn’t mean they’re smart or capable or intelligent. Any pisson can click on the “Make a group” button, or be handed power by someone they know.


2~You don’t need to know what’s going on, just LOOK like you do. If you can glean enough out of other people’s messages to make yourself appear smart, then people assume you ARE smart.


3~Never assume anyone is sane. They may appear sane, but at any moment they might go over the edge and suddenly delete a whole group or randomly attack you for no reason.


4~If you lie to one person, lie to everyone. For instance, if you tell one group you’re computer is down tell EVERYONE. Don’t post in one group that you’re gone and then post five hundred messages in another – people can figure it out.


5~If you do something for someone once, they’ll expect you to always do it.



6~Age is no indication of maturity. In fact the older people are the LESS mature they seem to be.




7~Yes, there’s a difference between the female and male brain, a HUGE difference. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. They are NOT like us!


8~More Power means more work – always. Not only do you have to assume the duties that come with said power, but you also must then make and keep friends to keep power, and you have to talk to people to stay on top of things… and then people expect you to do things for them – like settle their fights…..



9~A hug can make someone feel better. When someone is having a bad day, typing >:D< on the yahoo messenger screen can make a difference.




10~Your average human being can’t do paperwork. This includes, but is not limited to bios, schedules, charts, graphs and fill in the blanks. We’re a lot smarter than we thought we were.


11~Nothing is ever over explained. You may think you’ve over simplified something, but it is a guarantee that someone, somewhere STILL will not understand it – even with pictures.


12~You don’t need to know a lot, just know where to find it. If you can Google, people will think you’re brilliant.


13~Just because someone is using something doesn’t mean they know how to use it! Just because a person can sign into yahoo and hit the “Join” button doesn’t mean they know how to actually send a post or upload a file.


14~Let the little things go. Life is too short to hang up on every trivial detail.


15~When ever you feel down, remember someone is worse off than you. Lost your license? Guarantee there’s someone online who lost their car. Had a bad day? Guarantee someone had a worse one.


16~ Popularity breeds contempt. For every two people who like you, one person does not. Don’t worry about this, it simply takes away your time. Let them be.


17~ Don’t take everything at face value. Not all insults are insults, and not all compliments are compliments.There’s a lot of sarcasm that goes on behind the scenes.


18~ Not everyone is as lucky as you. Just because you have high speed Internet doesn’t mean everyone else does. What might take you a minute to load might take someone else half an hour.

19~Everyone likes to be acknowledged. Whether it’s a comment, an opinion or something else, everyone wants to be noticed. It only takes you a moment to say “Hey! I see you!”


20~People can disappear at any moment without any notice. Make sure you say the important things first, or else Yahoo is likely to boot them and you may never get a chance.


21~There’s always someone better than you. You may think you’re the best writer/artist/poet, but somewhere there’s someone who’s ten times better than you could ever hope to be.


22~Never say anything to anyone you don’t want them to share. Unless you’ve known someone for a long, long time and know they’re trustworthy there’s a good chance your words may come back to haunt you – ever hear of BCC?


23~Real friends are hard to find. Every one is your friend when you have something you can do for them, but it’s rare to find someone who’s willing to stick around when you have nothing to offer.


24~Always double check your information before you say anything. You may think you’re right, but it never hurts to do a Google search to be sure.


25~ Never expect much for free. If you’re entertained for even a moment then you have MORE than gotten what you deserve from something. Unless you’re paying don’t complain.


And that’s it folks! Not very interesting, was it? Well, what do you want for free? HA ha!!!

And now for the segment I like to call “Random Things From my Hard Drives” I’m going to give you some lovely Ville pics! These are screen captures I took from the half an hour documentary called “Himmeeta Valoa” (I think. been a few years since I did this). What does that mean? I have no idea. What is anyone SAYING in this documentary? Again, I don’t know. The entire thing is in Finnish! But, Ville is lovely in Finnish! Hee-hee!

Lookin’ cute in a hoodie!


Fav Song of the Moment: “Ikkunaprinsessa” – The Agents ft Ville Valo, “Keep Your Heart Broken” – The Rasmus


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