(December 2006)

Well, I have nothing to say. So, why am I writing this? Because I CAN! Gwahahahahahahaha!!

I’m wasting time in a forum, but I’m having fun, I admit. Just posted a long comment about religious theories and such -And we know how much I love theories!   OOH! A thread on gay marriage. I am SO there!

And since I’m discussing it there, I think I will deviate from my norm and actually cite a real opinion for a change. I know I usually avoid it for fear of causing offense to anyone, but this ban on gay marriage stuff is retarded to me. I don’t care if you’re gay, bi, straight or a eunuch! If you love someone, you love someone, so why in the world should the government be able to say, “yes, these people’s love is valid, but this couple’s is not”? Are they going to start doing something to validate the opposite sex marriages soon? Dictating which of them could get married and couldn’t? How would the so-called “normal” people feel if they had to wait for a court decision on whether they could get married?

And gay adoptions, this is another one that burns me up. Okay, so a gay couple wants a child, right? Oh no, no! That’s evil! Bah! So instead the child will live in some state home or be shuffled through Foster parents when they could have had a family that loved and supported them, and somehow we’re supposed to believe this is better? What are they afraid of? That these people with “alternative lifestyles” will somehow “infect” the younger generation and ruin our society? I’m sorry, but when we live in a society where people say in a chipper voice, “I wanna see someone DIE on TV” we’re not doin’ so good.

As long as people want to get married I say let them. People get married for a lot of reasons – love is only one of them. But it’s their lives, not mine, and what right do I, or anyone else, have to tell someone how to live theirs? Right and wrong are a personal perspective, what is right to one is wrong to another. It’s all a matter of where you’re standing and from which angle you’re looking at a thing. So, unless you can stand in the shoes of the person whose life it is,then what right does anyone have to judge right and wrong for them?

Frankly, this country is about as hypocritical as we can get. We tell European countries (by we, I mean whoever is in charge of this stuff – no I don’t know and don’t care) that we’re 80% Christian with a 50% church attendance rate (yes, these are real figures from a book about getting to know the American Culture that a Finnish guy in the HIM board is reading – and I can tell you those figures are definitely wrong!) we tell them we’re moralistic, we refuse to allow gays to marry, we refuse to let anything supposedly sick or perverted through yet in the meantime our senators write e-mails to little boys, our presidents stick cigars in women and our televisions spew forth a constant barrage of sex, alcohol and human misery. We need to choose one persona or another and stick with it. Have the courage of our convictions for a change. Instead of shouting “No! That’s against God… ooh! Look!  A naked woman!*drool*drool*” we need to decide where we’re going and what we’re going to be as a nation rather than wandering in the dark and blindly clawing at some semblance of something.

Okay, enough serious blathering. Gonna wrap this up with the segment I like to call “Random Things from my Hard Drives” Here’s a little Ville – animated!

from wicked Game

from When Love and Death Embrace

From Love Said No

Fav Song of The Moment – “Six Six Six Are Way” – Last Embrace (this is how they spell it – might be a translation problem since they are Italian, dunno)


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