2010 – a Photo Blog

It’s time again for Blogophilia, the weekly , multi-platform game where Marvin posts prompts to be used in a blog post. This week’s prompts are:

Blogophilia 44.3 Topic: “Take Two and Call Me in the Morning”
Bonus points:
(Hard, 2pts): Impart some pearls of wisdom
(Easy, 1pt): include the words “directions not included”

Starting next week (I hope) I have a series of short stories planned. I hate to say I’m going to do it for sure, because that guarantees something will go wrong…

So, in the meantime what am I going to do today? I’ve decided that since it’s the New Year (and because Marvin says so) I need to impart some pearls of wisdom to everyone. Problem is, I don’t know that I have any. Take two and call me in the morning sounds pretty sage, but if you call me I probably won’t answer. Yeah, I have a phone phobia. Normal? No, but I don’t care. That’s the beauty of only spending time around other weirdoes (no offense intended guys). We all have oddball crap, so any one person’s particular eccentricity doesn’t seem so odd. Besides, the strange things just make us all cooler.

And yeah, though I just turned 31, I’m still pretty cool. That’s one thing with having your birthday right before New Years; it really is the start of the year all the way around for me. I suppose I ought to do some kind of introspective thinking, but I don’t feel like it this year. I have too much other stuff to do.

This leaves me wondering what to do with the “New Years blog”. It’s an expected posting, something that bloggers the world over do, but since it’s directions not included with the expectations, I’ll have to come up with something cheesy. In past years I’ve done my favorite bloggers, my year of “firsts”, my “already accomplished New Year’s resolutions” , etc. The logical thing to do this year is something with my books or my cover art, since I need to promote those, but I don’t want to do the logical thing. And then, Myke suggested on facebook that I should do a Photoblog of my New Years’ Eve, but it wasn’t photo worthy, however, I do love a good photo blog, so….

My favorite Photos of 2010

(links take you to that month’s collection on Flickr)

The new dog:

fido 3

These are just cool:

old cafe sign

on the hill

Rain on the vine:

close up vine

Mitchell’s Campground cemetery:

flowers filtered

Old wood:

old wood

Visiting grandma Naylor:

the four grandkids with grandma

Red tailed hawk:

red tailed hawk

A gun, a mirror and an idiot – you do the math:

bullet hole in mirror

Dad shines a little light on the situation:

his light is unsuccessful ha ha


close up 2

Creepy bug:

a scary bug

Sunset swan:

firey sunset swan



fallen feather

Father’s Day:

chris and dad

Neat sky over wal-mart

awesome clouds

Neighbor’s flowers:

pink double hollyhock

Wild chicory:

silver blue

Our highway is now deserted:

down the highway

Awesome clouds:

i swear I will stop with these soon

Fourth of July

pink and gold

Wall madness

more brick 2

Dying summer

petals are gone

With retro camera ap for Android cool effects are only a click away

yeah another one

scratched outlet

bad quality on purpose - you have to love it

Empty (yes it’s the same chair again)



tire marks

More ap fun:


Happy anniversary:

retro polaroid


jo pumpkin lit


leaves and ruins


king kong

Marvin’s side business (when he’s not taking over earth or running blogophilia)

starvin marvins

Autumn at the park:

bright fall trees

Frost on the windshield:

frost close up 3


yellow splash 2



Our tree

the tree, the bears and the christmas pumpkin

cool ornament

This is frost that was standing straight up like a forest:

standing frost


reaching ice

After going through these photos it’s amazing how many of these photos were only taken because I had to stop working and take the dog out, and also how many things I can think of that I missed photographing! Lesson one: Always take a camera. Lesson two: You gotta take a break now and then, or you miss all the little wonders of the world.

Now that’s a pearl of wisdom!

Have a great 2011 everyone!!

Song playing at the moment – “Without You I’m Nothing” – Placebo


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6 responses to “2010 – a Photo Blog”

  1. clarkster says :

    AWESOME photos my friend. You have a great eye.

  2. Melissa says :

    Loved the photo blog…………… and your pearls of wisdom are great !!!

  3. sassyspeaks says :

    I love your chair photos – I have a series I did of beach chairs at the resort we were at during the summer – someday they will be posted – I love talking on the phone…oh you are sooo old – happy birthday whenever it was – some strange photos you got there….
    And you are right – always take the camera – the post I am preparing did not have camera – so went back with camera – but can’t always do that

  4. Chickee says :

    Beautiful photos!!

    I have gotten some pretty good sunsets and landscape shot from the parking lot of our local walmart too. LoL =)


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