Wizard of Hogwarts – Part 2

(This was written for a Harry Potter/fairytale fan fic contest.)

smut warning

(part 1)

Dorothy stayed with the house elves long enough to eat and hear their mixed opinions about her. Some thought she was a hero because now that their master was dead they’d be free. Other were concerned about what to do next, while the third group moaned that another Master would take them soon – they hadn’t been given clothes after all.

The girl left, waving cheerfully goodbye, holding Toto in her arms and flapping along in the oversized red slippers. She really had no idea what she was doing here. They’d told her she was in Britain, but none of her books on that country had mentioned house elves or enchanted castles – let alone witches!

She and Toto walked along for awhile. The hot sun shone down on them and made them thirsty and hot. Finally, Dorothy stopped near a large field and sat down against the fence to rest.

“Excuse me?”

Dorothy jumped at the voice and turning, stared in bewilderment at the boy that came shambling out of the vegetation, looking at her sheepishly.

“Yes?” she asked. “Who are you?”

“My names Sid,” the boy answered, stopping to stand in front of her. “Who are you?”

“I’m Dorothy.” She gazed at his funny clothes – he wore what looked like a long black dress that opened at the top, much like a housecoat, revealing a gold and blue striped tie and white dress shirt. “What are you doing?”

“Hiding,” the boy responded. “You should be too… wait. You’re not from the school are you?”

“No,” Dorothy shook her head and Toto gave a chirpy bark.

“Oh, then I guess that explains why you’re not laughing at me.” He sighed heavily and ran a hand through his straw colored hair.

“Should I be laughing at you?” she asked. “Is it your clothes?”

“Is what my clothes?” he blinked. “Oh! You mean that you should laugh at? Of course not! This is the school uniform, everyone wears it! Well, a version of it, that is. All the Ravenclaws have one just like mine.”

“What’s a Ravenclaw?”

“It’s a… well, it’s a house..” he stopped seeing her confusion. “It’s a group of… people. We’re all divided up into groups, and Ravenclaw is one of them.”


“But that’s why everyone laughs at me. You see, everyone in Ravenclaw is really, really smart – except me. I’m as dumb as a box of rocks – to quote Professor Snape. I just haven’t got a brain in my head at all!” He looked glum, his shoulders drooping.

“Why of course you must have a brain!” Dorothy said brightly. “But I guess maybe it doesn’t work so well? I’m going to see the great Dumbledore at the enchanted castle – maybe he could help you too?”

“Dumbledore?” The boy looked at her in surprise. “But he’s… Yeah, maybe he could.” He cleared his throat loudly.

And so Sid and Dorothy started off down the road that Tonks had suggested she follow. The sun beat down on them and eventually they stopped near a growth of trees to rest.

As Dorothy made herself comfortable Toto started to bark loudly.

“Hush, Toto!” she ordered. There was nothing moving in the little copse except for herself and Sid. But Toto continued to bark until finally Dorothy was forced to get up and see what was upsetting him.

“Sid! Come here, quick!” Dorothy called. Before her stood another boy dressed in similar clothes, but his skin had a gray hue and he was motionless.

“What is it?” Sid asked, then his eyes landed on the boy. “Oh, someone’s petrified him.”

“What? We have to help him!”

“There’s a spell that would do it… only I can’t remember it!”

“But you must!” Dorothy gasped.

“Ohhhh!” Sid closed his eyes and screwed up his face, thinking very hard, but finally he sighed, and his shoulders slumped again. “I can’t think of it!”

“I know something that might help you!” Dorothy exclaimed suddenly. “It’s something that I do for Tom when he has trouble thinking!”

“Who’s Tom?” Sid asked warily as she moved closer to him.

“He’s one of the farm hands who helps my Aunty Em.” The girl smiled brightly. “Whenever he has a hard time thinking he has this little trick that he has me do and it always helps!”

“Well… all right…” Sid looked at her uncertainly. “It doesn’t hurt does it?”

“Gosh, I don’t know. Tom does make an awful lot of noise. But we have to help this poor boy, no matter what! We can’t leave him like this!”

“No, I suppose you’re right, especially not with the evil monkeys running around still,” Sid said sorrowfully. “All right, I doubt it will work but we can try it!”

Dorothy nodded her head, her black braids bobbing and then she reached for him.

“What are you-” he started, but caught his breath as she parted his robes.

She smiled at him reassuringly, “Remember it’s to help the petrified boy.”

“Um, yeah..” Sid gulped, watching Dorothy take hold of his pants. Slowly she unfastened them and pulled the fly opened, reaching her hand inside.

Sid let out a gasp as she wrapped her hand around his manhood, gently tugging it out into the opened air and, with one last smile, she wrapped her long, thin fingers around it.

Sid let out a gasp, his eye bulging. “What are you – why… you… do you know.. what… ohhh… ooohhh…mmmmm….” His complaints soon disappeared, lost in muffled moans.

Dorothy continued to stroke him until his member became hard and erect, filling her hand, but even then she continued, her fingers wrapping around it tightly, stroking it.

Sid leaned back against a tree, his mouth hanging slack, his eyes closed. Dorothy was still standing before him, the sweet smile plastered on her face, her hand wrapped around him and thrusting forward and then retreating, faster and faster while his cries grew louder and louder.

Finally, a hot burst exploded in her palm. Dorothy grinned and gathered the gooey pool into her hands, then held it up at him. “Here!”

Sid’s nose wrinkled as he stared at the goo. “What do I want with that?”

“It’s the idea, silly,” she giggled. “I pulled it right out of you! That’s what Tom always says!” She looked at him seriously. “I hope it didn’t hurt too awful much?”

“I think I’ll manage.” He continued to eye the glop now oozing between her fingers. “Oh I remember now!” Tugging his wand from his inside robe pocket he paused just long enough to fasten his pants before flicking it and calling the counter curse loudly.

Dorothy was wiping her hands on the grass as the petrified boy came toHe blinked and nearly fell over, then caught himself on a nearby tree, and looked at his rescuers. “What the bloody hell happened?”

“You were petrified mate, I just saved you,” Sid replied proudly, stuffing his wand back in his robes.

“Oh,” the boy ran his hand through his thick black hair and narrowed his eyes. “And I suppose you want me to thank you?”

“It’s only polite,” Dorothy answered, standing up and smiling at the boy in the yellow and gray tie.

“I don’t care what’s polite,” he snapped. “I’m Darwin by the way, not that it’s any of your business.”

“You’re rude for a Hufflepuff!” Sid blinked, taking a step back. “Maybe you’re really an agent of you-know-who in disguise!”

“As if! Haven’t you heard of me? I’m Darwin Phillips, the Heartless Hufflepuff, or so they call me.”

“You mean you haven’t any heart?” Dorothy asked in surprise. “But you surely must have one! Maybe it just doesn’t work right? I’m going to see the great Dumbledore in the enchanted castle! Sid’s coming too, to see if he can give him a brain, maybe he can give you a heart as well!”

“Dumbledore? I rather doubt it!” Darwin sneered. “But it beats hiding in here from the damned monkeys!”

“What monkeys?” Dorothy asked as a boy each took one of her arms and led her from the trees, Toto trailing behind.

“The winged monkeys – don’t worry,” Sid said comfortingly. “I’m sure we won’t see them again.”

“Oh, all right!” Dorothy smiled cheerfully, shrugging her shoulders and beaming at her newfound friends.

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