Wizard of Hogwarts – Part 3

(This was written for a Harry Potter/fairytale fan fic contest.)

smut warning

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The trio walked along the road, and once again Darwin mentioned the flying monkeys.

“What do you mean flying monkeys?” Dorothy asked.

“There’s all kinds of strange things running around, hinkypinks and flying monkeys and Grindyknockers and even a stray erumpent! Hagrid’s holding pens were demolished, after all…” Sid started to explain.

“Hagrid? Who’s-” but before she could finish someone leapt from the trees and shouted, “ARGH! Who goes there!”

Dorothy let out a scream, as did the two boys. Sid released her arm immediately, and went for his wand, while Darwin pulled Dorothy with him into the woods.

“Shhh,” Darwin hissed, wrapping his hand over her mouth. “Don’t make a sound!”

She nodded her head, watching with wide eyes as Sid struggled, his wand caught on his pocket lining. His attacker , a boy near his own age, drew closer, his own wand drawn and pointed at the straw haired Ravenclaw.

“We have to help him,” she muttered through Darwin’s fingers. “He’ll be killed!”

“You forget, I haven’t a heart,” the dark headed boy whispered. “I don’t care!”

“But you must care! He saved you!” She turned in his arms to face him, staring up at him pleadingly. “Maybe I can help!” she cried suddenly.

“How? Are you going to save him? I thought you were a muggle?” he raised his eyebrows at her.

“No! I know how to make you care! When Jeff finds himself feeling down and not caring about anything anymore I can always cheer him up – I bet the same thing would work for you!”

“Who’s Jeff?” Darwin asked nonchalantly, his eyes riveted to the scene over her shoulder; Sid slowly backing away, his wand pointed at the lunatic who was gnashing his teeth and growling.

“He’s one of the farm hands on Aunty Em’s farm!” Dorothy smiled happily and then she dropped to her knees in front of the boy.

Darwin glanced down at her, his arms crossed over his chest and one eyebrow cocked. “What the bloody hell are you doing? Praying?”

“Of course not!” Dorothy giggled, and she reached up and opened his robe, quickly unfastening his pants.

Darwin’s eyebrows shot up as he leered down at her. “Well, hello!”

Dorothy shook her head as she pulled his already half erect member out andwrapped her lips around it.

Darwin moaned loudly, his eyes riveted on her, watching as she performed her ‘cheering up’, her tongue rubbing over him as she slid him in and out of her hot, moist mouth. He half closed his eyes as she sucked him deeper into her mouth, his gaze traveling to the road beyond the trees. Sid was backed up against a large oak tree, his wand shaking in his hand, his eyes large as the crazy Gryffindor closed in on him.

Looking back down, he saw Dorothy still kneeling before him. Her hands were wrapped around his legs as her head bobbed back and forth, her pigtail braids bouncing with her movements, her pink lips wrapped around his bulging mass, and her eyes sparkling with the joy of knowing she was helping someone.

Darwin held out as long as he could, but it was obvious that whomever this Jeff guy was he’d made her practice a lot, and finally her expertise was too much for him. He exploded in her mouth, and the hot liquid nearly ran down her throat as she hurriedly pulled away from him, scrambling to her feet, her cheeks puffed out like a hamster.  Quickly she spit the gooey contents into her hands and held it up to him, the white ooze congealing already.

“What are you showing it to me for?” Darwin asked, fastening his pants, his attention moving again to Sid and his battle.

“It’s what’s been making you feel so grumpy! See, your brain gets so full of these bad ideas that it chokes out your kindness!” She beamed at him as the goo began to run down her arm.

“That’s the stupidest-” he stopped, and grinned suddenly. “I mean, great idea, baby.” Sid’s cried for help again and he sighed angrily. “Oh for the love of Merlin!” Then turning, he marched out of the trees and straight for Sid who was now on the ground, flat on his back, and trying o shield himself with his arms and legs.

“What in the bloody hell are you doing!?” he shouted, grabbing the sandy haired attacker and shaking him. “Leave the poor idiot alone!”

The Gryffindor boy let out a howl and started struggling, tears springing to his eyes. “No, don’t – don’t hurt me! Puh-puh-lease! I’m sorry! I swear I’ll never do it again!”

Darwin scratched his chin and Sid began to relax slowly, peering curiously at the two boys. Just then Dorothy appeared, having wiped her hands clean on one of the trees and then on the grass. “What’s going on?”

“He’s just a blubbering baby!” Darwin grinned, shaking the boy. “Aren’t you!?!”

“Yes! I am! It’s true! I’m a Gryffindor with no courage!” The boy wailed loudly, tears coursing down his cheeks.

Sid sat up slowly, smirking, “Wait, you’re a coward?”

“Now, Sid! That’s not very nice!” Dorothy admonished.

“It’s true!” the Gryffindor cried. “I’m Eric the cowardly Gryffindor!”

“There, there, you surely have some courage in there somewhere,” she comforted him, patting his shoulder as Darwin slowly released him. “We’re traveling to see the Great Dumbledore in the Enchanted castle. If you want to come with us then maybe he can help you too!”

“Dumbledore?” the boy sniffed. “But..” he stopped, looking from Darwin to Sid. “I suppose it couldn’t hurt. It’s safer than staying here alone. I’ve been terrified a Grindyknocker or flying monkey would show up!”

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