Wizard of Hogwarts – Part 4

(This was written for a Harry Potter/fairytale fan fic contest.)

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And so the four of them traveled down the road Tonks had suggested until they came to a bend in the road that was lined with apple trees. Dorothy had grown quite hungry, as had the boys, and so they all stopped to pick some apples. As they were gathering the red fruits, there was a popping noise and then a strange sound filled the air.

Suddenly the trees began to fling apples at the group and as they retreated, rubbing their arms and legs where they’d been struck, Bella came into view.

“Oh bloody hell,” Eric gulped, his knees wobbling. “That’s-”

“That’s the evil witch!” Dorothy informed him, her eyes narrowed. “She’s after these slippers!” She held one foot up so they could get a good look.

“Those hideous things?!” Sid asked. “Why does she want them?”

But Bella answered, her voice a cold hiss. “It’s none of your business, maggot. Give me those slippers and I’ll let you live!” She waved her wand and the trees began to pelt them more violently with the red fruit.

Sid moved to shield Dorothy, as did Darwin, though grudgingly, while Eric coward behind all three of them, looking ready to faint. “No! Those are Dorothy’s ugly shoes! If you want them go buy your own pair!” Darwin snapped.

Bella growled deep in her throat like an animal and charged towards them. Suddenly Toto ran around in front of them and started barking, his teeth barred.

Bella froze in her tracks and stared at the little dog, her eyes wide. “You… Damn! You haven’t seen the last of me!” she shrieked before disappearing with a pop.

“That was close,” Side wiped his brow.

“No joke, luckily we’re all still alive, eh, Eric?” the Hufflepuff looked back to see the Gryffindor boy laying sprawled on the ground, having clearly fainted. “Oh for Merlin’s sake! He’s the biggest coward I’ve ever seen!”

Dorothy scooped her dog up and kissed him on the top of his furry head. “Awww, my sweet Toto!”

Sid set about reviving their unconscious ally, while Darwin looked questioningly at Dorothy. “But why would she be scared of a little mongrel? Even I’m not scared of that fur ball.”

“Because he’s my fearsome little beast, aren’t you, Toto?” she rubbed her nose on his, and then returned to snuggling the tiny dog.

Once Eric was revived the group continued on their journey, their eyes peeled at all times for any of the various creatures running amuck and for other scattered students, but they met no one else.

At last they could see a castle looming in the distance – even Dorothy could see it, though she was rather distraught to discover it was nothing more than a ruin.

“How is THAT enchanted?” she asked, tears in her eyes.

“What?’ Sid asked, looking confused.

“She’s a bleeding Muggle,” Darwin rolled his eyes, his wand in his hand as he continued to zap passing birds. “She can’t see it. The spell?”

“Oh, right!” Eric grinned. “It’s not really a ruined castle at all. It’s a beautiful castle with parapets and towers and..”

“Blah, blah. Come on. As long as we can see it, it doesn’t matter if she can or not,’ Darwin grumbled as a blue jay squealed loudly. “Come on.”

Dorothy allowed herself to be lead towards the castle, trusting the three boys with her very life, a smile dancing in her lips at the thought of what the Great Dumbledore would be like. She imagined he’d be very tall, and probably have a very pointy hat.

They’d nearly reached the gates to the castle when the air was filled with a high pitched shrieking sound.

“Fucking hell!” Darwin shouted as he and Sid moved to try and shield Dorothy from the onslaught.

“What are they?’ Dorothy cried, her eyes locked on what appeared to be furry monkey’s with giant black bat wings wearing little blue hats and vests.

“The flying monkeys!” Eric moaned, looking ill. “Hagrid found them somewhere and brought them back to study but they’ve been nothing but a nuisance all year!”

The furry creatures set upon the four of them, hands clawing and sharp teeth biting. Toto barked loudly while Eric and Dorothy screamed and Sid and Darwin tried to drive the animals off.

But, despite their efforts, Dorothy, Eric and even Toto were soon seized by the animals. They hauled their new prizes away, their giant wings flapping as they carried screaming and wriggling burdens.

Darwin leaned against the gate, shading his eyes as he watched the monkeys fly away. “That was sure interesting.”

“Interesting? We have to get them back!” Sid cried, horrified.

“Why?” Darwin asked, eyes still riveted on the quickly diminishing figures in the sky.

“Why!?! Because she helped us! And besides, we can’t leave a defenseless muggle to the mercy of the monkeys!”

“Ohh…” Darwin looked at Sid and then back to the sky once more. “All right, but you have to think of the plan, brainless Ravenclaw!”

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