Wizard of Hogwarts – Part 5

(This was written for a Harry Potter/fairytale fan fic contest.)

Lesbian smut warning

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Meanwhile the monkeys weren’t just taking Dorothy, Eric and Toto for fun, though they did enjoy it. They’d been commissioned by a very angry witch to bring them to a dilapidated house on the outskirts of Hogsmeade.

The animals descended slowly towards the sagging roof, and flew in through a rough edged hole that dripped shingles to the wooden floor inside. Landing, they deposited their burdens one by one at the feet of a dark haired woman with heavy lidded eyes.

Bella smiled slowly, looking from the narrow eyed Dorothy to the once again unconscious Eric. Her eyes landed on the small dog, and suddenly she didn’t look so pleased.

“Get him out of here! Take him to the basement and cage him!” the witch cried, and the monkey’s obeyed, hauling the barking dog away.

“Now that that’s done.” Bella smiled nastily, moving closer to the pair left on the floor. “I shall deal with you.” She looked up at her henchmen, men in black cloaks with their hoods pulled low over their faces. “Take the coward and lock him up as well. I have no use for him at the moment. And then leave us alone!”

The men nodded. Dorothy flung herself towards the hapless boy, grabbing onto his ankles in an effort to save him, but the cloaked men soon pulled him from her grasp and drug him out of the dusty old bed room.

“Now, my dear,” Bella purred, moving to stand in front of Dorothy’s prone figure. “I believe we should get to know one another better.”

The farm girl gazed up at Bella, defiance written on her face. “I don’t think so! You’re bad!”

Bella feigned hurt. “Me? Bad? And who told you that? A group of angry little house elves and that meddler Tonks?” She smiled sweetly. “What makes you think they’re more trust worthy than I am? After all, you are a stranger here, and have only their word on the matter!”

“But you bewitched those trees!” Dorothy pointed out. “A good person wouldn’t do that!”

“Wouldn’t they? You didn’t think your friends were bad when they threatened me, because you felt they were defending you. Come now, good or bad depends on how you’re viewing the circumstances.” Bella kneeled down before the muggle girl, continuing to smile. “After all, perhaps you appear evil to me. You did kill my sister, Narcissa, and steal the slippers left to her by her husband before he was taken prisoner. But, I’m willing to accept that perhaps it was an accident and start again if you’re willing to admit I might not be as evil as you think.”

Dorothy blinked up at the woman, trying to decide if maybe she had been a little fast to decide who was on what side… still, there was something inherently creepy about this witch…

But Bella didn’t wait for Dorothy to answer. She reached out her pale, thin hand and caressed the farm girl’s face gently, fingers trailing along her cheek and under her chin. “You’re really quite exquisite, aren’t you?”

“What?” Dorothy asked, her eyes wide.

Bella’s fingers ran under the girl’s jaw and slid down the curve of her neck. “I said you’re luscious,” she murmured.

“I am?” Dorothy was still confused. She hadn’t yet decided if she’d been too hasty in deciding who was good and who was bad, and already there was something new to contemplate.

“Oh yes, very much so.” The dark woman leaned closer, her face only inches from Dorothy’s, her breath hot on the farm girl’s face.

“Oh…” Dorothy swallowed, her eyes large and luminous.

Bella leaned down and captured Dorothy’s lips in a steamy kiss, sliding her tongue past the soft lips and into the hot recesses of Dorothy’s mouth. Dorothy gasped, but didn’t refuse her, deciding that maybe this was the proper custom here. After all, it WAS a foreign country, wasn’t it? They DID have witches and flying monkeys!

Bella pressed Dorothy down to the floor, covering the lithe young body with her own, her hands wrapping into the girl’s pigtail braids, using them like straps to pull the girls’ head down while she slid her mouth over her creamy white throat.

Dorothy let out a gasp, and Bella released her hair, rolling off of her as her hands slid down the length of the young girl’s body to stop at her breasts, her fingers cupping the mounds of soft flesh and kneading them roughly through the material of her dress.

Dorothy allowed the older woman free reign, not sure if she were expected to reciprocate or not, and deciding it was best if she just wait for instructions. After all, the farm hands were always very forward with their instructions, and no doubt this woman would be no different.

While Dorothy was thinking about that, Bella had slid down and lifted Dorothy’s skirt in an effort to tug her dress from her.

“It has a zipper in the back,” the farm girl said helpfully, sitting up and trying to reach around.

“No, let me,” Bella purred. She pressed herself against Dorothy while reaching behind her and unzipping the dress. Moving back from her, she slowly peeled it off her shoulders, sliding it down until Dorothy’s naked torso gleamed in the light that fell through the gaping hole in the ceiling and filtered in through the grimy windows.

The dark woman’s eyes gleamed and her tongue slid out, curling and flicking first one rosy nipple and then the other before running up her soft skin and stopping at Dorothy’s ears.

“You’d better take your shoes and socks off,” Bella whispered.

“Oh, right.”  Bella leaned back on her haunches, And Dorothy reached for her shoes, but paused at the sight of the red slippers. For a moment she didn’t recognize them, but then she suddenly remembered everything that had happened since the house had landed on the witch.

She looked up at the expectant woman uncertainly. “This wouldn’t be a trick to get these slippers, would it?” She was rather proud of herself for having thought of that!

“No, of course not,” Bella purred. “It’s just impolite to wear ones shoes at a time like this.”

“Oh, right.” She blushed, still not used to their customs, and tugged at the ugly slipper – only it wouldn’t come!

“Hurry up,” Bella snapped impatiently.

“I’m trying, but it won’t come off!” Dorothy gasped, tugging harder on the shoe and then trying the other foot.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Bella growled. “Let me try!” She grabbed Dorothy’s foot with both of her thin, pale hands and yanked on the shoe,. Her expression changed from annoyance to shock when she discovered it wouldn’t come loose.

Suddenly the crumbling fireplace against the wall filled with green flames and Dorothy cried out as the head of the good witch Tonks appeared midst them.

“The shoes cannot be removed,” Tonks said firmly. “There’s no way for you to take them while she yet lives!”

Bella glared at the disembodied head. “YOU! Fine, I’ll just kill her then,” and snickering she reached into her robes and drew out her wand, pointing it at Dorothy.

“It won’t work, not while she wears the shoes,” Tonks laughed back from the fireplace. “You know that!”

Bella howled in fury. Leaping to her feet, she cruelly pulled Dorothy up by her arm, her dress still hanging down around her waist. “I WILL have those shoes!”

Dorothy struggled, her free arm thrown across her bare breasts, her eyes wide as she stared at the head in the fireplace, wondering if this was another form of magic or if it meant that Tonks had been killed.

Bella shrieked loudly for her henchmen, and soon the men in the black cloaks reappeared and took Dorothy, on Bella’s instructions, to the basement where she was flung into a large steal cage and the door was slammed loudly behind her.

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