Wizard of Hogwarts – Part 6

(This was written for a Harry Potter/fairytale fan fic contest.)

smut warning

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It was a full thirty minutes before Dorothy realized that the miserable sniffling noise coming from the corner of the cage was someone crying, and that the miserable ball of material was Eric the cowardly Gryffindor.

“Eric?” Dorothy whispered, crawling towards the side of the cage, her dress still unzipped in the back but pulled back up where it belonged. “Eric!” she called again, and shook him.

“It’s no good,” he moaned. “We’ll die here!”

“No we won’t! The good witch appeared – well part of her did anyway –  in green flames and said that I can’t be killed as long as I’m wearing these.” She pointed to the ugly red slippers.

“Well jolly good for you.” He sniffled. “But I sure can!”

“We have to escape,” Dorothy said, ignoring the boy. “If I could only open the door!”

“That’s not hard,” Eric whimpered, revealing his wand jammed up the sleeve of his robe. “But once I use alohamora on it we still have to get past all of those DE and get out! There’s no way we can do that!”

She started to ask what a DE was, but decided she didn’t want to know anymore. “If you can open the doors then hurry up! What are you waiting for?”

“I told you! We’ll never get past them all!” he cried, burying his head in his arms.

“Of course we will! You’re just afraid,” Dorothy said gently, smiling at him kindly. “I admit, I don’t know for sure how to make you brave, but I have an idea that might work!”

“Nothing will ever work!” he moaned. “I’m a bleeding coward and everyone knows it!”

“But it might! It worked on Darwin – though I expect getting one’s fear out would be different then getting one’s meanness out.” She tilted her head in thought. “I know just the thing!”

Reaching up she peeled her dress down again, her bare breasts jiggling as she scooted closer to him, smiling broadly.

Eric looked up at the sound of her movements, and his eyes grew wide. “What are you doing?!?!”

“I told you! Trying to help you get rid of your fear!” She rolled her eyes and worked on unfastening his pants.

“How is this-” he stopped talking and looked at her – he was a coward not an idiot!

She reached inside his trousers, pulling out his already hardening member. Releasing it she leaned back on her knees and using her hands she squeezed her breasts together tightly. “Now you just take that and-”

“I think I can figure it out,” Eric mumbled, looking around nervously before getting up slowly and positioning himself over her. After glancing around once more he slid himself between her fleshy breasts, gasping as he thrust forward and then slid back.

“You’ve done this before!” she giggled at him. “I didn’t know you’d already tried this!”

“Once,” he murmured, his eyes fluttering closed. “After the Yule ball, during the tournament.”

She wasn’t sure what a Yule Ball was or what tournament he was talking about, but decided it was better not to break his concentration. Bryeth always got very angry when she talked during this, saying she’d interrupted his concentration and if she kept it up he’d have to start all over again – and they just didn’t have time for that!

Looking down she watched as the swollen purple head would appear, peeking out from between her creamy white breasts and then disappear, buried in her cleavage, only to reappear again.

Eric’s movements became faster and harder, her whole body rocking with the force of his thrusts as his mouth slowly opened, his eyes scrunching closed, and suddenly he exploded, a big glob of white goo squirting out all over Dorothy’s chest and even splattering on her face.

Eric stepped back, gasping for breath while Dorothy, one eyes closed against the goop, lifted the hem of her skirt, and used the underskirt to wipe her face and chest clean.

Eric straightened up, fastening his pants quickly, his nose wrinkled. “You’re not going to leave it there are you?!”

“I don’t have anywhere else to wipe it,” Dorothy replied, finishing up her cleaning process. “Now, if you’d zip me up?”

“Oh, right.” Eric soon had her dress refastened, eyeing the damp spots on the front of her skirt with mild disgust. “That’ll dry and get all stiff.”

“I know,” she answered glumly. “I expect fears get just as crunchy as meanness does!”

“Um… right,” Eric nodded, looking around. “Wow, no one’s been down here in all this time-”

Just then voices could be heard and the sound of someone slamming into a wall. Eric cringed, but pulled his wand out as a last ditch effort at bravery.

“See! It’s worked!’ Dorothy exclaimed.

They heard the basement door open loudly and footsteps were soon pounding down the stairs.

“There you are!” a familiar voice cried and the pair looked through the bars to see Darwin and Sid racing towards them, wands drawn.

Eric unlocked the door and the two were soon free of their cage.  Dorothy threw her arms around each of the boys in turn. “Oh! You came to rescue us!”

“Yeah, using the most ridiculous plan ever devised!” Darwin snorted, glaring at Sid.

“It’s the best I could think of!” the Ravenclaw huffed. “It’s not easy getting in here you know!”

“All that matter is that you came!” she replied joyfully. “We have to find Toto and get out of here!”

“The dog?’ Darwin asked. “Can’t we leave him?”

She gasped, shocked at the entire idea. “No! I love Toto!”

“All right, all right,” Darwin moaned. “Then let’s find him and be gone!”

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