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Desperately Seeking Clipit

(originally from June 2007)


Well, I’ve gotten the new word 2007, in fact I am using it to type this. I have to say I  like it (despite the fact that some people think I am adverse to change *cough * 😉 ) The tabs are handy – and I imagine are especially handy on a laptop with the stupid touch pad mouses (mice?). But I have noticed something horrific about it – something no one else will probably care about:


That’s right, there is NO office assistant. *pauses while people cheer *. Now that it’s out of your system maybe you won’t mind if I continue to look sad. I LIKE Clippit! I like The Dot! I like the Robot and the cat and even the dog!  During moments of writers block I would click on my happy office assistant Clippit and make him do things, and when I close word his cheerful little wave goodbye always makes me feel .. well, cheerful. But no more! Poor Clippit is nowhere to be found! In fact there is a whole segment on it in the help files:

I am outraged! I want my damned paperclip back! I want to click on him and make him do things at my whim! When I do I search I want to see him roll up his piece of paper and peer through it like a spy glass! Sure, the new help systems might be better, but they are NOT CUTE!!! I LIKE cute!! I DEMAND cute!!!! I want to see a sleepy paper clip when I’ve been particularly inspired and pause to stretch my neck! I want Clippit back dammit!

And so, as one might expect, I have made something……

Now what am I going to do with it? Frankly I have no idea, except I am posting it all over to make people aware that Clippit is missing!! And I think everyone else should too! *cough* hint *cough* join me in the fight to bring back our friend Clippit!

And now for the segment I like to call “Random Things from My Hard Drives”, please enjoy some…


I got my prize package!


The drummer had to sign for customs!

23 - an opossum - yes we were that close to him.jpg

An opossum

24 - moon and clouds.jpg

cool moon

7 - noname going after lettuce.jpg

Noname eating

6 - the turtles are happy - clean dirt, clean water and food.jpg

Hagrid and Myrtle eating

22 - flowers.jpg

not technically good but I like it

sun up 4.jpg



Another sunrise:



moon 2.jpg

Another Cool Moon:

Fav Song of the Moment – still “Hey There Delilah” – Plain White T’s.

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