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Computer Art VS Traditional Art

(originally from June 2007)

This is my first entry in the HIM art contest… Yeah I know you’re thinking, “Wow, don’t put any effort out!” but this took a couple hours to do – as insane as that sounds. Besides, why waste a day or more on somethingĀ  when I have no chance anyway? The thing isn’t judged on Talent but instead on who the judges hate the least! And besides, I thought it would be fun, I haven’t used markers seriously since I was 9…….


Here’s the exact same ink line drawing – only filled in on the computer…. now which one’s better? Hmmm……

jo and thane comfort

And this is why I am all for computer coloring! Okay, you miss some of the shading blends you can get with colored pencils – and yes it takes longer (this took two and a half hours AFTER it was scanned in, so adding the drawing time it’s up to three and a half at least.) but I think the smooth results are worth it! And yes, they say you can get the same result with paint – but I never can – and I’ve lost my watercolors anyway……. I also know there are some lovely markers manga artists use that are supposed to provide smooth color – but holy bananas are they expensive!

Okay, ’nuff from me :p

Fav song of the Moment – Fatal Design – Entwine

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