Musical Blog Tag


The rules are simple – fill it out and tag five people, can’t be much easier than that, so without further ado I present my….

Music to….

Sing along to: Gin Blossoms, any album

Dance to: Um… not much of a dancer but…. Utada Hikaru (Simple and Clean) and Jade (Real Emotion)

Drive to: Disturbed’s first album The Sickness– especially  The Game

Be angry to: Matchbox 20 “Mad season” – that disc is so bitter and angry!

Cry to: “Daddy can you see me now” Anita Cochran – shut up! *sniff *

Laugh to: Weird Al

Make you feel melancholy: “Freshman” by Verve Pipe,End of the innocence” Don Henley, “Empty Chairs” Don McLean, anything with violins. Violins are the saddest, most melancholy instrument ever. They’re actually my favorite.

Make you feel better: HIM – especially wicked game, oooh yeah!

Put you in the “mood”: HIM, Disturbed or Placebo

Write to: depends on the scene. Don McLean or Simon and Garfunkle are good for flowery descriptions, HIM for dark scenes and slightly twisted romance, Gravity Kills or Disturbed for fight scenes, Roxette, Queen of the Damned soundtrack or Placebo for sex (depending on the kind of sex)

Work out to: Hmmm, whatever is on my play list at the time.

Surf the net to: Anything… Breaking Benjamin, Cold, Negative, you name it.

and I’m adding one – Draw to: The Rasmus.

I originally tagged people back when I first posted this, but I am now tagging Sassy Sue and Jissilly, as they are the only two who might read this. Anyone else who wants to do it is welcome!

And for the segment I happily call “Random Things from My Hard Drives” that one person has gone on record as liking I present


Fluffy flower

wet web.jpg

Wet web stuff

twin trees.jpg

blurry but I like it

frog better.jpg

Hang on!!


A bug plant!?!

Fav Song of the Moment – “Ever the Same” –Rob Thomas, “Passion’s Killing Floor” – HIM

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6 responses to “Musical Blog Tag”

  1. DJ Myke says :

    This was most enjoyable. You like Cold, too? Sweet!

    Nice frog picture… Do you ever wake up with Bullfrogs on your mind?

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Cold is a great band, though they never get the attention they deserve from me, for some reason!

      heh-heh, I often wake up thinking of purple salamanders 😉

      I should have tagged you, too 😉

  2. canarybird80 says :

    Hey, I still read your stuff. I just haven’t left a reply in a while 😉

    Love the froggy!!

  3. thejissilly says :

    I am so behind in tags I will need to get to writing soon. Cool picture of a blog.

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