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Disposed – A Collab Poem

(originally from August 2007)



A twinkle in my eyes you’d see
When e’re the thought of you stole through my mind
A whisper on the lover’s wind
But that twinkle meant I was a fool
Fated to be love’s latest casualty

You enticed me with your words of love,
but now I feel the swirl of endless lies
I’ve looked, but never have I seen
The darkness that you call your soul
and now I see it laid forth cruel and cols
like the steel twinkling on your polished gun.

My spirit reaches out to the moon
My heart whispers your name in its final beat
As death slowly engulfs me,
My eyes begin to glaze in misted haze,
beneath your poisonous gaze
Like a falling star fast and free, then gone.

Taste the memory of peace you will never know again
As my spirit rides these waves of eternity to haunt you
Quickening your every step,
my gaze locked upon your face,
so that you will remember me forever.

Some lines from: Lady “Cheryl” Death, alba, ruggi, nancy, janina aka little river, vicki wagner, jannrae, ~*violent*ice*pixie*~ & glenn

Not my image – randomly pulled from photobuclet.

Fav song of the moment – “Vincent” – Don McLean

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