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Eternity – A Collab Poem

(originally from August 2007)


The other day, while searching for some good coffin pics (long story) I got distracted in this chick’s photobucket – she had some absolutely fantastic pics.Β  Anyway,Β  I’ve noticed a strange, strange phenomenon. Bear with me for a minute. Okay, say you’re in photobucket cruising around and you find an album that has quite a few vamp/goth pics, right? Eight times out of ten following these pics will be three things: fuzzy kitty cats, fairies and/or butter flies and anime/manga pics.Β  This includes my photobucket, by the way. Now, why is this? Why do pink fairies, hot manga guys, furry cats and vampires go together?! I can’t really examine it as I am on the inside looking out here, but maybe someone else can see a connection between them!

Anyway, here’s my happy collab poem πŸ™‚


The moon rose over the silent shore,
Washing the night in violet hues
Bringing light where only darkness lay
Casting shadow into his silent revelry

He stood, alone, the dark wind lashing
And gazed out to into the tempestuous sea
Memories came calling once again
Birds of prey to pick apart his tortured soul

Her hair of copper burned like fire,
A smile danced upon her crimson lips.
He stroked her face with fingertips
In time to her beating heart.

All his demons gathered round,
their hungry sharp fangs gleaming
he’d borne her to the cemetery,
black coffin wreathed in scarlet roses.

“You breathed Β life into my soul”
He whispered but the wind did not answer,
Its melody continued while the angels
danced to the tune of the devil’s screaming

“Your words, a prayer to my heart,
you put a spell over my will.”
But again she could not hear him from her lofty seat
Atop the golden clouds of heaven

The black sea beckoned, and he answered
Death screamed his name and soothed his pain
The angels came in robes of white
then dragged him down, hell bound and screaming

Some Lines from:Β Β Glenn, Shirley Alexander, Cheryl, Ronnale, and Alba

Fav song of the moment – Acoustic 3 – goo goo dolls

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