12 responses to “Phished”

  1. sue says :

    ok – I will get to the rest tomorow – but I took the time to back up my contacts – luckily I have a pdf printer – my god – if someone got into my mail I would lose my life !

  2. Colleen Breuning says :

    OMG that is really scary Jo! Someone hacked my Facebook about a year ago and sent some bogus win an iPhone message to a lot of friends. Fortunately I never got completely locked out of my account…

    I had no idea of the extent of harm this type of message could actually do. It would be a total disaster…. I have been locked out my yahoo account numerous times and pretty much do not use it anymore. But if anyone got into my aol account, they would have a field day. I store all my passwords and account info in there…. Guess I’d better change my password more frequently.

  3. canarybird80 says :

    Wow!! That’s scary stuff! Sorry that happened.:( I’ll have to go backup the two main emails I use. Paranoia is setting in….. :\

    I never new anyone that had that happen but a family member got a letter in snail mail a few years back asking for a couple grand and in return as soon as they got their finances straight would send her back a grand as a thank you. She fell for it and ended up in a mess.

  4. Bonnie says :

    Yeah I was with him too when I read it. No, it’s not funny when someone gets in your e-mail and reads your private things. It’s an invasion that leaves you feeling molested.

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Well, I don’t know if I’d worry about that so much because I doubt they take the time to read it.. all that other stuff takes enough as it is ans spammers goal is as many as fast as possible, generally.

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