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A Belated Snow Post

What do you know, a new post, not just a recycled one!

Like the rest of the US, we got hit with a ridiculous snow storm the first week of February. I say ridiculous because I haven’t seen snow fall like that since… well, it’s been more than ten years ago and I was in Iowa at the time. Being the chronicler that I am, I felt the need to record the joyous beauty *cough*hack*annoying freezing-ness*cough* that has been February so far.

Walking the dog in the storm:

I tried to upload that one at the time, but alas internet issues meant no could do.

and if that isn’t snowy enough for you, then perhaps you’ll enjoy some….





Betsy is disappearing! Oh no!

a mountain on the bbq

The snow is getting deep?!?!

the same view a little bit later

same view a little bit later

frozen tire tracks

tire tracks

chunk of ice and frozen snow from under the fluffy snow

a chunk of ice that was under the snow


the snow has receded; the top of the five gallon bucket is now visible again

leftover leaves

leaves and grass


like an ostridge


And it’s snowing. Again.

how deep the snow still is

This is how deep the snow still is in front of my house


a bladed parking lot at sunset

blue enough to make your eyes bleed

Blue enough to make your eyes bleed


Looks abstract (it’s a dead weed over snow)

for want of a shovel

For want of a shovel a dustpan was lost

awesome snow texture

Awesome snow texture at sunset


it speaks for itself

There are lots more boring, snowy photos on my flickr – check the sidebar over there for a link (you may need to scroll) ——–>

And that wraps it up for me. This was pretty darn random, so no random thing.

song playing at the moment – “Want You More” – Crash Parallel (their new album is out! Go check it out!! It’s awesome!!)

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