What is Tolerance?

(originally from September 2007)

Religious Tolerance is something I’m sick of.  What? I’m sick of tolerance? No, not real tolerance, I believe in tolerance. What I’m sick of is this charade we call religious tolerance. What it means is we must accept and embrace Muslim, Judaism, Wicca, Buddhism, Agnosticism, even Atheism, among others, but not Christianity. To be a Christian is to be a back woods, white-trash hick. Just ask anyone and they’ll tell you. Better yet, put on your page that you’re a Christian and just wait for the mails about how you’re obviously “stupid” and a “blind sheep” who “can’t believe in science”. Yeah, I’ve gotten these, and not because I was discussing religion on any of my pages, either.  Then why did they feel the need to insult me?

Because they can.

People love to insult and drag one another down, but it’s not acceptable to pick on any of the “minority” religions (despite the fact that I believe there are more Muslims than Christians, they still manage to get labeled a minority culture!) however it is acceptable to pick on Christians.  After all, their religious beliefs of other cultures are deep running, steeped in tradition and sacred, but of course Christianity is just based on ignorance, never mind that several religions share the same roots.

Does anyone else see something wrong with this?

Personally, I couldn’t care less what religion someone is. I don’t care if they worship their rubber ducks and bathe them every week on the rubber ducky sabbath. It doesn’t hurt me. And, if they wish me a Happy Day of the Great Duck, well then thanks. It was nice of them to think enough of me to give me a greeting.  And if they, or their children, want to pray to their ducky god in front of me, or my children, then go for it.  How does someone else’s prayer to the god they believe in hurt me? Unless, of course,  my faith in my god was so shaky, and so pathetic that I couldn’t stand the idea of someone else having a god because it called mine – or my belief in no god at all – into question.

Sure, I get being irritated when someone forces their beliefs – or non beliefs – down your throat. I’m a Christian after my own fashion, and I’ve had others preach their beliefs at me, even fellow Christians, and some if not all of which I didn’t agree with. But that doesn’t mean I needed to throw a fit or hire a lawyer to ruin it for everyone. I just smiled politely, nod, and let it go – because THAT is what tolerance is. Tolerance doesn’t mean “embracing all the ‘minority’ religions for fear of being called prejudiced and then making fun of one select group”. Tolerance means being tolerant of everyone!

I’m tired of the hypocrisy. You wanna make fun of my religion? Then don’t cry when yours, or your lack thereof, is insulted. You want me to keep my beliefs quiet so it won’t offend you? Then shut up about yours. No one person is better than anyone else and no one religion is “more important” than any one else, whether I agree with that religion or not. THAT is tolerance.  Making fun of Christians because it’s “okay” to do so is not. Telling a Christian they can’t put a nativity scene in their front yard because  it’s offensive – while other religions get their symbols displayed – is not. Disallowing children from singing Christmas carols in school because you don’t believe in Jesus and find it somehow insulting to your god is not. Throwing fits about Easter Egg hunts because it has the word “Easter” in it is not.

You want tolerance than BE tolerant. Treat others as you want treated. Yeah, a wise man said that once – and whether you believe in him or not it’s pretty damn good advice.

For the segment I like to call “Random Things from My hard Drives” here is

This is a mess I made with art media. Yes, it has nipples *gasp*. You’ve been warned.

Bloody Angel

Fav Song of the moment “Sober” – Tool


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2 responses to “What is Tolerance?”

  1. Bonnie says :

    You’re spot on, my dear! Too bad more people don’t practice it.

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Yeah, I know what you mean. I actually have another comment on this that was a good one, but their user name and links are spam stuff so I didn’t approve it – like discount furniture or something like that – because I’m not so sure they wrote it and didn’t just copy it from somewhere.

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