Was it My Imagination – Collab Poem

(Originally from September 2007)


Was it My Imagination?

Moonbeams tickle shadows along the shore
While I sit alone in a rowboat made for two
Voices from the past echo in the dawn’s stillness
Remembering how it was with me and you.

Along the banks, frogs sing in harmony
I think of you and remember our moments here
The night wind kisses me goodbye
While the shinning sun begins to slowly appear,

Then the boat bobs to and fro
As the water ripples across the lake
Ripples containing all the nightmares of the past
Stirring me from my half slumber, bringing me awake

IN fear my hands begin to quiver,
As the bobbing changes to crashing waves
Beside me, the monster’s head surfaces slowly
Glowing eyes peer at me through the morning haze.

I cry out, fumble with the oars once more
Thoughts of you forgotten as I’m fleeing,
Paddling towards the wavering shore
From the melancholy peace that was so fleeting

From my boat I stumble quickly, heart pounding.
Confused as my eyes sweep the lake that’s now at rest
Smooth water; silent, glassy, still
No one will believe what I saw at Loch Ness!

Some Lines from: Cheryl, Alba, Annie, Rebecca, Margie, Chi Shanay

Fav song of the moment – “underwater” – Vertical Horizon

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2 responses to “Was it My Imagination – Collab Poem”

  1. Bonnie says :

    LOL!! Really cute!

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