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Dark Story – Part 6

(Originally from October 2007)


This is a study in free flow writing. It may not make sense when it’s finished. Oh well.

**Mature content warning**


Keena’s fists clenched in anger. Her brittle limbs shook with fury, like tender branches in the onslaught of a storm. with purpose, she shuffled unobserved through the crowded room Her eyes never left the couple before her.

At last she stood in front of them. Their eyes turned to her, shock written clearly in the depths. “WITCH!” she screamed, pointing a long, bony finger at her once haggard Aunt. “Unholy demon from hell!”

All talking ceased as the patrons attention was drawn to the scene unfolding near the fireplace.  Mouths gaped and eyes blinked in confusion.

“Get the gone, old hag,” Eseldra’s husband, Torick, muttered darkly.

“Old Hag you call me, yet I am younger then she who stands beside you. How did she bring you back from the dead?”

The crowd pressed closer, ears straining to hear every word and heaving a collected gasp at what they perceived to be the old woman’s words. Whispers rippled through the room, questioning the old woman’s sanity.

Torick laughed loudly and heartily. “What say you, old woman.  I have never been dead.”

“Then where have you been?” Keena demanded, jabbing her accusing finger towards him. “For two years you’ve been gone, you and the men who went with you. Where did they go?”

The patrons murmured their mutual curiosity. This had been a popular question all morning, ever since the couple had mysteriously turned up on the edge of town with their news.

“They died,” he answered flatly. Then, he turned  away from her and picked his mug up from the fireplace’s mantle. He brought it to his lips, but lowered it before drinking.

“Get thee gone,” Eseldra hissed. “We have no need for such lies.”

Keena turned her fury on her aunt.  “And you, withered hag that you were. What happened to make you thus when you went in search of him? Hmm? And what happened again to turn you as you are now?”

“She’s mad!” Torick called over her to the assemblage. “Turn her out that we may hear no more of her ravings.”

At first no one moved, but finally a large man who’s bald head gleamed in the firelight stepped forward and, without a word,  took hold of her arm and began tugging her towards the entrance. She struggled against him, her now feeble energy no match for his strength and shrieked,  “She’s a witch Eseldra is a witch who steals your children to make herself young again!”

“Be quiet!” the man snarled and pulled her through the door. He checked quickly for passers by and then, without so much as a by your leave, he began to drag her down the narrow dirty street.

“Unhand me!” she cried uselessly.

“Be quiet woman!” He muttered under his breath. ” If what you say is true you will need all the help you can find. Be thankful that for once help has sought you out.”

To be continued…..

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