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The Mist – Collab poem

(originally from october 2007)


In The Mist

An eerie mist is in the air, carrying the scent of death
The sweet perfume of blood and pain, calling from beyond the grave
Dark night like a curtain rent, the fabric ‘tween life and death is torn
Can you hear the roar of hell? Thunderous echoes of souls in torment?
Can you feel the shiver creeping down your spine? the fingers of the dead on your flesh?
Can you see it flutter in the darkness, drawing closer to where you stand?
A soul hovering in flight on the edge of the night, seeking for its shattered home,
searching for that ruined vessel left abandoned in the ink y night.
Destroyed dreams and shattered hopes spilled crimson on the pavement.
Can you hear her voice whispering to you, mingled with the cry of the rushing wind?
Can you feel her sorrow, cold agony that fills the chilly night?
Can you see her tears of betrayal, falling silently to the earth?
Where is the one who took her life? Hair like alabaster in the darkness,
Dark eyes afire, blood covered demon that he is.
Her lover, her betrayer and her executioner in one flesh.
Can you hear her drawing closer? each moment brings her nearer.
Can you feel her cold breath on your skin, the smell of death caress your cheek?
Can you see her there before you, eyes wild as the fires of hell?
Unearthly specter from beyond life and time, earthbound by heartache,
held here by her own confusion, incomprehension of this crime
She lifts her voice and cries for her killer, for one who took away her life.
She calls for justice.
She calls for answers.
She calls for thee.
Can you see her in the mist?

Some lines from: Cheryl, Succubus~Enigma, Clenn, Chi_shanay, prynezza

Fav song of the moment – Waste – Seether

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