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Two Manga Drawings

(originally from November 2007)


Here are two pictures I drew to go with chapters of Midnight Grace – the fan fic that Manic and I wrote.

group poof big

Tia, Draco, Thane, Iry-Jo/Rainlynn (This is from the “poofy hair” scene)

group halloween - big.jpg

Michael, Tia, draco, Thane, Iry-Jo/Rainlynn (This is off of the Halloween chapters)

And for a special bonus here is my first ever “Complicated and Technological things Explained Simply”:

Overclocking a PC – Your Processor is rated to go at a certain speed and remain stable. When you install this your CPU settings in your BIOS are automatically set. Overclocking is when you change those BIOS settings manually and bump them up – in effect lying to your motherboard to make it believe that the Processor is rated higher then it is, which causes your PC to run just a smidge faster then it was designed for, sometimes stably and sometimes not.

And for an even more special super bonus here is “Complicate and Technological Things Explained Even Simpler”:

Overclocking is something husbands use as an excuse to fiddle with your BIOS settings and lock the whole system up so that now no one can figure out what to do to make the computer turn on again.

Fav Song of the Moment – All the same – Sick Puppies

PS – don’t forget to  get yourself a Hillbilly Bible

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