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Empty Bed & Haunted – Collab Poems

(originally from November 2007)


Two collab poems this week. First there’s the Haunted poem (which kicked off the story vs poem of yesterday)


Like a pale flame you flicker in the darkest corners
Lighting up the shadowed regions of days long gone
A wraith whose footsteps echo through my memories
Flitting away from the quiet corner where you belong
In night I close my fevered eyes and behold your face
bejeweled eyes stare back at me through the mists of time
A breath, a whisper, barely heard against the silence
A glorious demon tempting both my heart and mind.
This pale light disturbs my rest and draws me from my sleep,
disquieting dreams leave me hungry and shaken in my mind
Like a tiger whose prey has escaped through the jungle
Down dark mysterious paths he cannot follow or find
So also have you gone headlong down the roads of life
lost in shadows, the shreds of time immemorial.
in dreams our eyes meet and the world around us disappears
But only can I see this dream, not the reality of mortal soil.
You are forever perfect in my dreaming memories,
Time cannot dim your shining eyes or touch your handsome face
from one page to another as the book of life is read
You;re following my footsteps with sweet, immortal grace
In night I lie awake, wondering how things might have been
had life’s paths lain differently before you and me
Alas, only my sleeping dreams can dare to try and guess
Because in truth you;re just a haunting memory.

One line from – Cheryl

And to make up for only one line, here’s one that uses lots more of other people’s lines

Empty Bed

In tortured pain, the world around us disappears
You stand over me, a smile on your lips as you laugh
And I, I lie weeping on my mourning bed
I bared my soul until my heart fell
But it delved into the abysmal night without cease,
No one there to catch it in it’s flight
What antediluvian monster sleeps
within these shadows behind your eyes?
What false fairytales woven into the
Increments of time?
A delusion as once again my patience
tortures me to tears.
Why can’t I leave you in the bed of your choosing?
Why must i stay, disconsolate, despairing
and drowning in my fear?
Angels beckon, calling our names,
but you can’t hear them.
Your ears are clouded with cruelty and coldness;
obsessive love twisted until it does not
know its own name.
But this time I head their call and
leave you to your games.
Hatred and pain, failure and anger,
that’s all that’s left for me here,
and so, I leave you, in this cold place you have made
My mourning bed I no longer need.

some lines from: Cheryl, Elly, Lauri, Jannrae, pixie, Valentine’s Angel, Jean, Glenn, Prynezza

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