Slagle Cemetery in Pictures

(originally from November 2007)


Real quick, a few links! first off, I was shocked to discover that the old sesame street is now deemed unsuitable for children. Really. Go read this if you don’t believe me and then check out the Bert is Evil site for some fun!

Okay, on to the main attraction!

Hubby and I finally found the Slagle Cemetery a few weeks ago. It has a few gems in it, though nothing as fantastic as what a person could find in Europe or the East Coast for that matter. ah well, here are some pics either way.

cemetery 52 - overgown.jpg

this looks overgrown but it’s just a damn Yucca plant. I hate those things.

forgotten cherub.jpg

shattered devotion

time claims all.jpg

Time devours all

eternally seperated.jpg

Eternally seperated

wild vines

Just cool


black n white

baby 2.jpg

I have an obsession with child graves. I dunno why….

something i had never seen before.jpg

to a yank like me this is pretty awesome…

another above ground.jpg

Cool above ground slab

can you see the face.jpg

Can you see the dmonic face?

born 1794 .jpg

Born in the 1700’s

flowers 2.jpg

I really wanted a couple of these flowers, but hubby was convinced that ghosts would follow us home or something if I took a couple. No one would have noticed as it was a HUGE spread, but whatever…

twins again.jpg

I like this one


There’s a crypt!!

crypt inside.jpg

Awesome water stains

sunset - finally dug out the tripod.jpg

The sunset as we were leaving

sunset 3.jpg


And that’s all for now!

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17 responses to “Slagle Cemetery in Pictures”

  1. Alannah Murphy says :

    Awesome pics. You’d love Highgate Cemetery, it’s just such a cool place.

    You know, I agree with hubby, could never take flowers from a cemetery, not even one, I’d be convinced I’d be followed by the ghost of the person who was left the flowers lol

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      I know I enjoyed your pics from it! We need a real OLD cemetery around here! Though I don’t know how long ago Missouri was settled… *disappears to wiki* Up around St. Louis is 1750 it says, though no idea for clear down here… We’re so boring, LOL!

  2. jeremy says :

    Me and my fiance just moved to Chillicothe, where is Slagle Cemetery? What is there to do here?

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      It’s just south of Bolivar, off of Highway 13. It has some pretty good stuff to photograph, but there’s a better one a little bit north (though still south of Bolivar) that has a lot of great crosses.

      • Nathan Miles Baker says :

        Slagle cemetary in Chillicothe is nowhere near Bolivar Missouri. It is North East of Chillicothe about 10 miles. I went to school with the family that lived on the property and it used to be a place we would go in highschool for kicks. The Slagle that Joleene is speaking of is not the same place.

        • Samantha Hicks says :

          what roads do you take to get there? My Husband and I would love to go see it we live for this kind of thing.

  3. steven says :

    cool i live in chillicothe moved there in 2000 after gracing high school at hale mo. i did not know about the slagle cemetery i talk to dead pepole it is a gift i guess they come to me for help some times call at 660-752-5667 if need any help with goasts thinks

  4. anna says :

    The slagel cemetary now in 2013 is almost empty. My husband and i met the owner to get permission to take pictures of where remains of his house was and the cemetary. She the owner was creepy. No crypt or little momentos or most of the headstoned. Especially the slab tombstone. Only mr. Slagel and his wife and kids headstones are there and the owner buried her daughter there in 2007 after her death in an aut
    o accident. So evidentally the new owners of the property removed alot of the markers and crypt of the dead.

    • Nathan Miles Baker says :

      ^Thats the Slagle Cemetary in Chillicothe you speak of, there is another one near Bolivar apparently with the crypt and lots of headstones but not near the insidious backstory.

      • Joleene Naylor says :

        Had no idea there was a Slagel near Chillicothe! Nathan is correct, this is named after the township of Slagle which used to be here but is now sadly about five houses and one road. The other sounds very interesting, though!

    • Diana Travis says :

      Anna – the cemetery Jo is referring to in these pictures is NOT the Slagle Cemetery near Chillicothe. I went to high school there and it was a big time haunt and party place. In 2015 Slagle Cemetery and bridge near Chillicothe off route V made BLT lifestyle and travel blog’s list for 20 paranormal places to visit. No crypt – not near what she has posted here. This is the Slagle Cemetery near Bolivar which can also be seen on “Find A Grave”.

      • Diana Travis says :

        For some reason none of the above posts showed for me until AFTER I submitted my comment. So glad you all knew the difference between the two cemeteries. The one in Chillicothe has quite a history. Enjoyed this blog!

    • Joan Hopper says :

      Hi, Anna. I just discovered your comment here or I would have replied years sooner. I am the woman you talked to the day you went to the Slagle Cemetery because I am half owner, along with my ex-husband, and I’m here to clarify your misinformation. First off, there are no remains left of Joseph Slagle’s house, so there weren’t any pictures to take of that. There was never a crypt, I’m not sure what little momentos you’re talking about, and all the headstones that we know about are all still there. I’m not sure what you’re talking about when you mention a slab tombstone either. My daughter is not buried inside Slagle cemetery. She was killed in 2001, and since we already lived out there and she had mowed and helped with the care of the cemetery, we buried her out there, in between the cemetery and the house that we built. It’s the house where she lived when she died and I wanted to keep her as close to me as I could. My mother, father, grandmother, aunts, uncles and some cousins are buried there as well. And they are all buried OUTSIDE of the Slagle cemetery. We would never bury anyone inside Joseph Slagle’s cemetery. Maybe you’re just trying to make your story sound creepy, like you say I am, when you accuse us of removing markers and a “crypt of the dead” that’s never even existed out there. I’m guessing you just made that part up because that is absolutely not true and there is no basis for you saying we removed any stones. What would even be the point of that? Also, the Slagle cemetery is not empty. There are just as many people buried there today as there ever were. The cemetery is a very beautiful, peaceful place and it is definitely not haunted. Anyway, I just wanted to clarify your mistakes. And there were many.

      • Joleene Naylor says :

        I think she was still confused that these photos were from that cemetery, though they’re not, so she thinks you took out all the things in the photos since theyre not there. I’m so sorry for the loss of your daughter! And burying her close is no different than keeping a cremation urn (we have my mother’s in our dining room!) Your Slagle cemetery sounds very nice! I see on Google that it has haunted legends with it, but then most cemeteries seem to anymore.

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