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Christmas Collab Poem

(originally from December 2007)


Christmas Jail Break

He narrowed his eyes, his gaze was intense,
Black blinking eyes filled full of offence.
A lovely cold feeling, in his evil hamster heart
as this Christmas Eve night slowly grew dark.
The little girl laughed in his small hamster memory
as she poked through the cage with fingers so scary
and she laughed – how she laughed – sent a chill through his heart
then she hissed, “You’re my captive, ’til death do us part.”
Then she’d gone away, left him caged with his excrement
and so in his malice, his rage at his treatment,
he started a plan that would make them all cry,
“Merry Christmas to all, now you’re all gonna die!”
They deserved it, of course, he knew it was true,
some days he had no water, other days no food.
They’d forget about him in his small hamster cage
and this was the source of his cold hamster rage.
So on Christmas morning, when the girl came once more,
she opened the cage and he leapt to the floor
and the girl, how she squealed as he darted off fast
and she shouted out, “Mom!” as he ran right past.
her mother just screamed, and and moaned for a moment,
then a circus ensued as they chased down the rodent.
The father fell down, tripping over his robe,
crashing into the large free-standing globe,
which fell from its stand and rolled ‘cross the floor
and ran right over the little girl, who stood in the door!
She let out a scream and was bowled straight over
while Mom climbed on a chair and shouted for Rover.
Drool flying around, the dog entered the fray,
and he knocked over the bookcase in search of his prey.
But the hamster just giggled from his dark hiding place
as he watched Dad wiping his now-bloody face.
He laughed uncontrollably at the man’s bloody nose,
and he howled as the mother set fire to her clothes.
She’d fallen from the chair, knocked off by the dog,
and landed in the fireplace, a curly haired Yule tide log.
“Oho!” thought the hamster. “this scene is divine!
Seems you have got your games and I have got mine!”
When at last our dear hamster had had enough fun,
he scampered away, with his old life he was done.
But soon he discovered the empty house didn’t feed him,
and on cold lonely nights, there was no one to need him.
So at last he surrendered, on new Years he was found,
covered in lint and soft pillow down.
He looked at the little girl, his gaze unblinking and long,
trying to say, “Take me back, where I truly belong.”
Then back in his cage our dear hamster went,
’til the next time he revolts over food never sent.

Some Lines from: Prynezza, Glenn, Barb, Cheryl, & Pink Sapphire


As scary as it is, it won! 😀

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