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Random Spring Photos

(another new post. Hold your breath!)


Though I may have bored you with photos in the last post, I thought I’d do it again! (Lucky you!) These will be the last photos you will see from my old Kodak camera, as the tax return has arrived and the Nikon d3100 is officially here! Now to learn to use it….

Just fun.


bench cross proc

Lots of curve adjustment to draw that blue out


odd effect

pretty flowers. involves some colored overlays to get that sunset look


christmas snowflake maniped

Yes, this is still up – and still lit – at the park. To get this I had to darken the original and manually add int he glow and twinkle on each bulb. Worth it, though.


it feels slimy

What is this stuff?!?!?! It’s on the evergreens and feels slimy. Some kind of spore thingy?


sunset barbed wire

Barbed wire. Used that same overlay tactic again 😉


purple weeds

The buggers are hard to get in focus!



ditto for this!


blue water drops

It’s… RAIN!



Weathered boards





the lake's up

It’s actually gone down some….


rainy windshield

and more rain!

Wasn’t that fun? I have a lot more of the rain drops, but I will spare you 😉 As always, there’s lots more photos in general on my Flickr account. The link is in the sidebar over there —->

Song playing at the moment – “Back in the Picture” – The Rasmus

TTTC- Chapter 6: Page 14

What is the TTTC? It’s a webcomic written by Jonathan Harvey and illustrated by me. we add a page every week, so be on the lookout. Why not visit and subscribe?


Click the image above for full sized turtley fun!

Jo & Jonathan would also like to extend their thoughts, prayers and well wishes to those who’ve been effected by the flooding and tornadoes the last several days.

Retro Camera

(yes, a new blog. Live in terror!)


Retro Camera is a very awesome app I downloaded for my Android some time ago. (Last fall, I think?). It’s a free app, but there is also a “paid” version – which I sprung for (I think it was $3). Why did I pay? because I liked it that much. The Android has a fairly decent camera, as camera phones go, but as far as I’m concerned the Retro Camera app actually gives me a viable reason to use it as opposed to a real camera.  I’ve been scouring the internet looking for alternatives I can use for post processing and have found a few, but none are quite the same thing, of course. I’m planning some blogs on those on my Blogspot art & photography blog (from the shadows – it’s at ) but maybe I’ll cross post.

Just as it sounds, Retro Camera imitates the look of five different retro cameras; the Barbl, the Fudge Cam, a Pinhole camera, Little Orange box and the Xolaroid.  Each has it’s own personality and “flaws”. For example, the Barbl has a very grungy look and with the right shadows can make even a clean room look like something from an MTV late 90’s alt rock video.  In fact, they’re all good at taking those lovely, atmospherically creepy photos that I love so much.

Earlier this month I went a little nuts with the Retro Camera and filled my phone up, so I thought I’d share some of the cool photos.


Grease on the sink after hubby worked on the car – but looks like a demented nightmare monster I think…






From Chris. *sigh*


My new mouse


meat waiting for the barby


glop of foam insulation stuff


me 🙂




hot hubby 🙂


the meat all cooked – yummy!

Fun, huh?

Song playing at  the moment – Leaves that are Green – Simon & Garfunkel

The Retro Camera site:

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Artwork: Rain Delays

(originally from February 2008)


This is drawn off of the song Rain Delays by the ever fantastic Crash Parallel. I LOVE that band!! (clicky that link to hear the song in question!)

rain delays no mask 700px

Not only are they an awesome band, but they are so, so nice. Back when I drew this I randomly emailed it to them and the lead singer wrote me back.  I wish they’d tour the US!!! I’d even hang posters for them!

Fav song of the moment – Heal – Down Below

Artwork: Protection

(originally from January 2008)



This is Roderick and Senya (who needs a new name) the stars of my as-of-yet-unfinished YA novel. Someday i will get back to it.

Fav song of the moment – “How About Today” – Carbon 9

Ghost Hunt

(originally from January 2008)

(since I said in the last anime post I would post this…)


In the last two days I’ve edited two chapters, finished the anime series “Ghost Hunt”, read the book “Twilight”, finished my picture and started both the writing and notes for my book with Manic. I also have not slept, LOL!

Actually, I can’t sleep. This tends to happen when I’m working on something, or when I’m coming down with something –  it is due to an over agitated brain that won’t be quiet. I once ran into someone else with this problem and they informed me that they were on medication for it, which I find disturbing. Why in the world would you do that? But then, we over medicate people.

So, as I said, I finished Ghost Hunt. My rating is a nine out of ten for this one – it looses a point for the ending.  Ghost Hunt is about a high school girl named Mai who accidentally ends up working for SPR – a company that hunts and exorcises ghosts. It is based on a 6 volume Manga which is in turn based off of a set of ten novels. Then Manga has only caught up to the sixth book, ergo so has the anime only gone that far. Because of this a lot of questions were left unanswered, a lot of plot points were never explained and a lot of things were left hanging. Sadly, though, my main concern was if Mai and Naru were going to end up happily ever after as I most certainly think they should!

So, I hit wikipedia and then google and thanks to a livejournal blog entry I got the WHOLE story… and sometimes you shouldn’t do that – if I thought the anime ending was unsatisfactory this was far worse. I was quite unhappy for several hours as my Mai/Naru ship seemed in serious danger, but on rereading and rethinking perhaps not. I think maybe some of that is just the author’s interpretation. I need to find someone who has read the books…..

This series, though, has finally forced me to admit I’m a romantic at heart. I suspected it when I cried at the end of Butterfly Effect – not the director’s cut, the regular one – and sobbed that it can’t be that way! They have to be together! The thought of him dying was less sad to me than them not ending up together… But this  has proved it as I have again gotten a bit violent at hubby for suggesting I was wrong and Mai and Naru would not end up together. It’s only the third ship I am really rambunctious about, the other two being cloud/tiffa from FFVII and Ed/Winry of FMA fame. See a Japanese pattern here? *sigh*

Anyway, this serves no purpose except to complain and to talk about what a great anime Ghost Hunt is…Seriously I am soo impressed, it’s right up there with FMA! Despite my fears about Mai/Naru… LMAO!!! Mai and Naru forever! :p

Fav song of the moment – “My Friend” – Carbon 9

Collab Poem – A Beautiful Lie

(originally from January 2008)

A Beautiful Lie

I come to you with an open heart
to try to free you from your pain,
but still you cling so beautifully,
holding to your past; your shame.
So beautiful and cold you hide
behind your mask of perfection.
incognito to all who think they know you,
you’re a bundle of lies and deception.
Your scars are too deep to be seen
both the old and the new,
and you throw away the ones who care,
those with eyes that can see through.
So preen before your mirror,
your eyes so fake in happy blue.
Like a puppet for them all, you laugh
while your self decorated hull imprisons you.

Some lines from: sparkles, choporksmom, insatiable jewel

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