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A Random Poem

(originally from December 2007)

I was working on a picture in PSP and I dunno why I suddenly did this instead.

Where Dead Dreams Lie

Where dark demons sing for the angel’s delight
Slumbering garden cast adrift in time
And the words of the damned daily hold back the light
While wind whispers in cold endless rhyme

Dark angel who sleep wrapped in wicked dreams
Amidst ashes of ages uncounted
Sweet demon’s desires and cold ivory screams
While innocents lies are unfounded

Weep for me now in this garden of dust
Where no one will come when you call
And only the footsteps and cries of the lost
Echo inside these cold lonely walls

Though withered the bloom of love’s dawning day
And forgotten the sweet tender sorrow
Still morning and night, cold darkness enslaves
As the sun drowns out each new tomorrow

Still the mockingbirds sing, wrapped in shadows of white
And from the angel the bloody tears fall
And the wind whispers it’s dreams ’round the eves of the night
While I listen and wait for your call.

But the silence is all that my ears can discern
As I wander down life’s darkened path
Alone, I am bound, round it’s twists and it’s turns
‘Neath the veil of transparent black

Searching through dusk, through the red haze and gloom
For the garden where all dead dreams lie
Where the flowers that whiter, brought by mortal doom
Are the hopes that we each have let die

For there will I find you, my poor lonely angel,
Lost ‘midst the tombs of the weeping
Where the songs of the dead are a dirge for cold hell
And the forgotten are left for the keeping.

But not in this life will I reach this cold place
Where devils dance while angels bleed
So hasten sweet death, leaving only a trace
Body cold now and dead like my dreams

Fav Song of the Moment – A tout le Monde – Megadeath ft Cristina Scabia

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