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Photos: Trip to Arizona

(originally from January 2008)

My mother and I were invited to Arizona for a week to visit my cousins Theresa and June. It was the first time I was ever out of the midwest (not counting babyhood trips), as well as my first time on a plane. I went berserk documenting it and, though I won’t share all the photos, there are some fun ones.

Here’s the trip there:

our luggage.jpg

our very, very heavy carry on luggage *hint – it started out light enough but by the time we got to Phoenix it was like lugging bricks!*

springfield airport.jpg

The Springfield/Branson airport (though it’s nowhere near Branson…)

boarding passes.jpg

Our happy boarding passes. We almost lost these once. It was not cool.

the first plane.jpg

Inside the fort plane. Can you feel me freaking out?

the view from our window.jpg

Looking out the window, trying to stay calm….

missuori from the air.jpg

OMG! we’re in the air! *panic*panic*pan- hey. Missouri looks kinda boring from up here.

arkansas from the air.jpg

I think this is Arkansas. it’s swirly.


Wow. Texas is tidy. And flat.

dallas airport.jpg

This was a fascinating sculpture in the Dallas airport.

dallas airport 2.jpg

I wish I’d taken more photos of it. Call it aggravation that I didn’t. *hint – we RAN across the airport to catch our plane, then found it was delayed for an hour… yeah…*

mom n dallas.jpg

Looking cheerful despite the fact that we were herded onto a plane, left there for forty-five minutes, and then taken back off because it turned out they couldn’t fix whatever had caused the original delay.

view from the second plane.jpg

Finally made it onto plane number three and, though it flies, there is nothing to take pictures of…

phoenix sign.jpg

Yay! We’re only four hours late!!


Ha ha! And it’s cloudy! (secretly I was glad, as I like clouds, but there is an irony when you visit sunny Arizona and get rained on, just sayin’)

More coming tomorrow!

Fav song of the moment – Wicked Game – HIM

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