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Photos: Arizona Misc Pics

(originally from January 2008)


My mother and I were invited to Arizona for a week to visit my cousins Theresa and June. It was the first time I was ever out of the midwest (not counting babyhood trips), as well as my first time on a plane. I went berserk documenting it and, though I won’t share all the photos, there are some fun ones.

These are just some miscellaneous pics.

pigeons 3.jpg


pigeons 5.jpg

more pigeons

the giant cat.jpg

I want that cat!!!


They say rain in Phoenix is rare. Well, there it is :p

el chicken.jpg

El Poyo

making the bed.jpg

me making the bed

dog show ribbons.jpg

Some of June’s ribbons from her Bulldogs and Boxers

mom and her friend.jpg

Mom and her friend

yard decorations.jpg

there’s no grass!!!


Just a bird


a cool house. (everything in Phoenix looks like this. It’s like Taco Bell exploded!)


Me workin’ on the book

mom and june.jpg

Mom and June

booy's vacation.jpg

Booy on vacation

More tomorrow! (Oh boy!)


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