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Photos: Arizona Trees

(originally from January 2008)


My mother and I were invited to Arizona for a week to visit my cousins Theresa and June. It was the first time I was ever out of the midwest (not counting babyhood trips), as well as my first time on a plane. I went berserk documenting it and, though I won’t share all the photos, there are some fun ones.

I have a tree fetish, and I don’t just mean the palm trees. check my Flickr and you’ll see hundreds of photos of trees. Trees are just awesome. So, here are some more.




fall in january.jpg

lemon and orange.jpg

OMG! It’s a lemon AND an orange tree!!!!!!!!!!!

nice mixture.jpg

Nice mix


orange tree.jpg

I never did get to pick an orange 😦

green tree again.jpg

More tomorrow! (yeah, I milked this!)

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