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Photos: Arizona Trip Home

(originally from January 2008)


My mother and I were invited to Arizona for a week to visit my cousins Theresa and June. It was the first time I was ever out of the midwest (not counting babyhood trips), as well as my first time on a plane. I went berserk documenting it and, though I won’t share all the photos, there are some fun ones.

And, after a long and fun filled week, we headed home!

phoenix airport.jpg

Phoenix Airport

phoenix airport 3.jpg

Getting dropped off. Bye-bye, Theresa!

phoenix airport 4.jpg

The plane in the Phoenix airport

waiting at our gate in phoenix.jpg

Waiting at our gate

phoenix - our view.jpg

We’re in the plane and check it out – it’s a wing! Again!


Taking off!

phoenix 2.jpg

Phoenix is tiny

phoenix 3.jpg

Camel Back Mountain maybe? Dunno


bye bye Phoenix

arizona 2.jpg

Okay, one more coz this is cool

little town.jpg

A tiny town in BFE

snow capped.jpg

Snow capped!!

near el paso.jpg

Near El Paso


texas 2.jpg

random Texas

texas 3.jpg

Not sure why the water is all milky. Looks like a different planet.

whats with the circles.jpg

The circles are kinda weird, too

dallas airport 3.jpg

Oh no! Back at the Dallas airport!

mom not stuck in the doors.jpg

Mom did not get stuck in the doors this time! What doors, you ask?

the infamous skylink doors.jpg

These doors.

dallas airport 5.jpg

Tralalalala. riding the skybus.

so much less crowded.jpg

It is soooo much less crowded this time!

ready to head to spingfield.jpg

Waiting at our gate

proof someone reads the inflight magazines.jpg

Proof people DO read those magazines!

sunset 3.jpg


leaving dallas 3.jpg

Bye bye Dallas!

clouds over arkansas.jpg

Clouds over Arkansas


Clouds. That stretch all the way home. Where it is…. you guessed it. Raining.

chris in springfield.jpg

Hello Chris! We’re Baaa-aaaaack!

And that’s it! Yay! Now, back to Random Blogs again πŸ˜€

Fav Song of the Moment – “All Fall Down” – One Republic

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