Random Anime Chatter

(originally from January 2008)

(Okay, so I was going to skip posts like this, but what the heck.)


We just finished an anime called Knight Hunters  in the US or Weiss Kreuz (White Cross in German) as the version I watched was called and I have to say I highly recommend it. It has four hot guys and that gives it points from the start.  These four hot guys are then assassins – which gives it extra points, and they go around killing people in every episode which gives it even more points from my blood thirsty point of view. It’s not a kiddy anime, though. I don’t think I’d let anyone under ten or maybe older  watch it.  It has some disturbing themes and such, but as I said I liked it a lot. There’s only 25 episodes though, which I found sad.  We finished it in under two weeks but their is an OVA and then there is a second series which the internet tells me does have something to do with the first, unlike so many of them, so I am looking for it.

The basic plot is there are four  guys who work at a flower shop and are secretly the super secret assassin group known as Weiss. In each episode Persia gives them assignments of bad people they need to kill, and as it goes along they start to find a connection involved between some of the cases. I am re-watching it with my bro and I have to say there are a lot of cleverly placed clues I totally missed the first time through!  Though their constant thing of “Oh, I am a killer! I do not deserved to be loved!” gets a bit old. I am apparently either shallow or without morals and I just think “Ah, it happens” LOL!  The end, however, is somewhat unsatisfactory – not so bad as FMA but not as good as it could be – hence the OVA acquisition I am in the middle of.  If all goes well I will see it this weekend!

The four guys are Aya (Ran), Yohji, Ken and Omi – listed in order of hotness btw. Aya is the classic dark, brooding, silent, troubled, “I must save someone who you will discover in a later plot twist” character that I have SUCH a terrible weakness for – yummy, yummy, a tortured soul. Yohji is the ladies man who secretly harbors his own tortured sadness over a woman.  Ken is hot, but, I dunno… he lacks the presence of Aya.  Aya shows up and draws his sword and just… looks hot and tortured and authoritative.  Poor Ken manages to somehow just seem “Sweet”. And while sweet can be good it’s not as good as “on the edge of evil” is. Omi is the youngest and as such he is cute but he has big doe eyes that make him look 12 and so he’s just out of my area of interest, plus he’s the classic nice guy – though they did go to all the trouble of giving him a dark tortured past too. Very good in the emo department, I have to say and it all draws together excellently.

I really don’t know what demographic this one is supposed to be in – whether it’s shounen (boys) or shojo (girls) but since Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist are Shounen I’d be willing to guess that’s what it is, though they run a flower shop as a cover and they are so very bishounen ….. I dunno, I am a lousy guesser at feminine vs masculine as it appears I prefer the masculine entertainment nine tenths of the time and thusly always thought it was perfectly feminine. Oh well, LOL! But as I was saying – I recommend this one, though if I were you I’d go for the English version if you can find it because – at least the fan sub we had – is damn hard to read.

We’re also caught up in Bleach finally too – now there’s an anime series I don’t know if I would recommend or not. I mean it’s good but my god does it move slowly! When I say caught up I mean caught up with Adult Swim, not with Japan, though I am trying to convince hubby to go with subs on it to so we can get it moving along a bit.  Seriously I have never encountered anything so slow moving in my life! The writers of Bleach and Fushigi Yugi need to get together and strike a balance in the middle!

We’ve started Ghost Hunt too (Yes, the anime fairy blessed me recently, LOL!) and so far I think it is creepy- in a good way of course. Hubby doesn’t think so, but then I guess he’s harder to creep out. But I found episodes  4 – 6 (the dollouse) exceedingly creepy! I recommend it too, though I haven’t finished it yet and will give more details on it when I have :p

Okay, enough Otaku talk, LOL!!! Not much else to say so I’ll just end this rambling thing now.

And for the segment I have not done lately called “Random Things from The Laptop” I bring you some Weiss boys that I have collected for Artistic research *ahem*

they have no nipples….

Fav song of the moment – “Straightjacket” – Crash Parallel


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