Collab Poem- In Lucifer’s Arms

(originally from January 2008)


In Lucifer’s Arms

I consume your mind, your heart, your essence
and leave you with a longing in your dreams.
In me, you’re lost, your soul’s evanescence
hungry and vulnerable, you always seem

Skim a sea of tears for a salty taste,
dredge through your misery and pain.
Then I’ll watch as you fall from grace.
is it arrogance that keeps me sane?

You disappear in shadows and hide your face,
quiet like the silence of the grave,
and though we move together through this space,
you now know that you cannot be saved.

My cloak of deceit is a fitting disguise;
a demon wrapped in angel’s hue.
You see your soul’s burning demise,
when you look behind my lying eyes of blue.

But in despair for me you fall,
knowing I’m the only one who’ll understand.
And now I come, my name you call,
that blood stained blade falls from your hand.

You beg, “release me from the bonds of hell!”
as you gaze upon my stone cold face.
dead fall your eyes that know so well
your ambrosia lips are now mine to taste.

And so to Hell my new bride came,
vermilion spilling from her wound.
A scarlet letter marking her eternal shame,
our seal of marriage, her mark of doom.

You see, to a fragile soul, Satan is just a footstep away,
waiting in the shadows warm,
watching for the broken ones; the lonely stray,
to claim another lover for his arms.

I say, come to me with an open heart,
bring me your yearning and your pain.
We’ll forge a bond and never part,
you’re just one in millions to whom I’ve said the same.

Some lines from: Cheryl, barb, pink saphire, Mosaic, Jimmy B, Glenn, April, Colleen B, Margie, Steve, inner Beauty, Ruggi

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