Ghost Hunt

(originally from January 2008)

(since I said in the last anime post I would post this…)


In the last two days I’ve edited two chapters, finished the anime series “Ghost Hunt”, read the book “Twilight”, finished my picture and started both the writing and notes for my book with Manic. I also have not slept, LOL!

Actually, I can’t sleep. This tends to happen when I’m working on something, or when I’m coming down with something –  it is due to an over agitated brain that won’t be quiet. I once ran into someone else with this problem and they informed me that they were on medication for it, which I find disturbing. Why in the world would you do that? But then, we over medicate people.

So, as I said, I finished Ghost Hunt. My rating is a nine out of ten for this one – it looses a point for the ending.  Ghost Hunt is about a high school girl named Mai who accidentally ends up working for SPR – a company that hunts and exorcises ghosts. It is based on a 6 volume Manga which is in turn based off of a set of ten novels. Then Manga has only caught up to the sixth book, ergo so has the anime only gone that far. Because of this a lot of questions were left unanswered, a lot of plot points were never explained and a lot of things were left hanging. Sadly, though, my main concern was if Mai and Naru were going to end up happily ever after as I most certainly think they should!

So, I hit wikipedia and then google and thanks to a livejournal blog entry I got the WHOLE story… and sometimes you shouldn’t do that – if I thought the anime ending was unsatisfactory this was far worse. I was quite unhappy for several hours as my Mai/Naru ship seemed in serious danger, but on rereading and rethinking perhaps not. I think maybe some of that is just the author’s interpretation. I need to find someone who has read the books…..

This series, though, has finally forced me to admit I’m a romantic at heart. I suspected it when I cried at the end of Butterfly Effect – not the director’s cut, the regular one – and sobbed that it can’t be that way! They have to be together! The thought of him dying was less sad to me than them not ending up together… But this  has proved it as I have again gotten a bit violent at hubby for suggesting I was wrong and Mai and Naru would not end up together. It’s only the third ship I am really rambunctious about, the other two being cloud/tiffa from FFVII and Ed/Winry of FMA fame. See a Japanese pattern here? *sigh*

Anyway, this serves no purpose except to complain and to talk about what a great anime Ghost Hunt is…Seriously I am soo impressed, it’s right up there with FMA! Despite my fears about Mai/Naru… LMAO!!! Mai and Naru forever! :p

Fav song of the moment – “My Friend” – Carbon 9


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