Retro Camera

(yes, a new blog. Live in terror!)


Retro Camera is a very awesome app I downloaded for my Android some time ago. (Last fall, I think?). It’s a free app, but there is also a “paid” version – which I sprung for (I think it was $3). Why did I pay? because I liked it that much. The Android has a fairly decent camera, as camera phones go, but as far as I’m concerned the Retro Camera app actually gives me a viable reason to use it as opposed to a real camera.Β  I’ve been scouring the internet looking for alternatives I can use for post processing and have found a few, but none are quite the same thing, of course. I’m planning some blogs on those on my Blogspot art & photography blog (from the shadows – it’s at ) but maybe I’ll cross post.

Just as it sounds, Retro Camera imitates the look of five different retro cameras; the Barbl, the Fudge Cam, a Pinhole camera, Little Orange box and the Xolaroid.Β  Each has it’s own personality and “flaws”. For example, the Barbl has a very grungy look and with the right shadows can make even a clean room look like something from an MTV late 90’s alt rock video.Β  In fact, they’re all good at taking those lovely, atmospherically creepy photos that I love so much.

Earlier this month I went a little nuts with the Retro Camera and filled my phone up, so I thought I’d share some of the cool photos.


Grease on the sink after hubby worked on the car – but looks like a demented nightmare monster I think…






From Chris. *sigh*


My new mouse


meat waiting for the barby


glop of foam insulation stuff


me πŸ™‚




hot hubby πŸ™‚


the meat all cooked – yummy!

Fun, huh?

Song playing atΒ  the moment – Leaves that are Green – Simon & Garfunkel

The Retro Camera site:

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2 responses to “Retro Camera”

  1. canarybird80 says :

    Ooh, a new blog!! LOL I was actually looking through a few of your pictures the other day and was wondering what the hell the foam insulation stuff was as well as the mysterious creepy dream monster grease spot lol. Glad I know now πŸ˜‰ The last pic makes me hungry. MEAT!! πŸ˜€

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