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New Photos – Ducky Pond Take 2


I know. Three new blogs in a row. Time for a heart attack.

Another trip to the ducky pond, as I affectionately call Dunnigan Park.  Yes, I think everything needs nicknamed. However, I am not into really original nicknames, so it’s pretty much what they sound like.

swans 2

dramatically lit swans


goose peeling bark

he’s peeling the bark off that poor tree!



I love my new camera


fluffy rock

this made me think of some kind of creature from Dark Crystal…


what are these flowers

hummingbird flowers?


it looks like a foot

it looks like a foot!


what is this

what *IS* this!?!?!?!


egg shell 4



daisies 5



tiny flowers

not sure if the image is too purple or if the flowers had a tint to them… probably the first one.


you can see their feet

and since I call it the ducky pond – here’s some duckies!



okay, not at the ducky pond. This is the tree across the street on a foggy night….

And that’s all I have for now. Alas, I must take the dog out and head to bed. Fun, fun.

song playing at the moment – Stand – REM

New Photos – Lonnie’s Garage


MORE new photos! *gasp*

Just some randomness from when we were chillin’ with the Father-in-law

soda glass

Soda glass



random box of screws. I just love the lighting on his work bench….


soda glass 4

The glass again….



shiny… nothing epic here….


detail 2

This is actually a candle holder, but I have always been a fan of that mesh design


baby screwdriver

a teeny tiny baby screwdriver! hee-hee!


hula doll

Hula girl in the shadows


car trophy

I liked the bright blue here


chucky is cute

My cute Chucky 🙂


soda glass close

You can see the bubbles!


my cool shoes

My awesome shoes


cows n trees

Cows go “moo”


a very cool sunset

Okay, not at the in-laws, but cool, anyway. I had to clone brush out a bazillion electric lines. I hate electric lines. Have I said that before? Maybe if they’d bury the damn things we wouldn’t have so many power outages – just sayin’!


And that’s it for now. 🙂  You’ve been spared the really gross photo. (if you click that link it’s not my fault).  There’s a ton more photos I need to upload (no more gross ones, I don’t think), so there may be some more photo blogs coming!

song playing at the moment – First time – Lifehouse

New Photos – Dunnigan Park


Well, earlier this month, anyway. I have so many more to go through and upload… never enough time in the day.

I’m still not up to professional grade by any means, but there is a definite improvement

red and green

very green



I just have a thing for the red and green together


little white flower 2

purply white flower and part of a dandelion


creek 2



cool texture

cool texture


soft focus moss

This moss was SO soft



I just thought this plant was pretty. Very smooth looking.


odd flower

Weird flower – none of the shots of the side came out good


catapiller escaping

An escaping caterpillar

And that’s all she wrote – er – took? Okay, doesn’t sound as clever as I thought it would :p

song playing at the moment – Island in the Sun – Weezer

Flash Fiction: Car of Dreams

(originally from April 2008)


Written for the BWBR Challenge. Look at it as an ode to my Dad’s old Nova 😉


The sun sets on the old car in the backyard, bathing the rusting body in glowing colors.  Nature fights to slowly claim it, turning it into a home for her creatures, so that the animals look at it and see a place of safety, someone to shelter from the storm and night, a secret place to dream in safety.  Green weeds grow around flat tires and purple flowers peep through the cracked floorboards.  Lazy bees drone around the peeling steering wheel, and wasps live under the hood in droning nests while rabbits hide beneath it, their wiggly noses peeping out to peer at the quiet trees.

But the heavy summer silence is broken by the children. They run and laugh, they crunch the grass as they race each other to the old car, hurrying towards their rusty oasis, their favorite forbidden toy.

They arrive in a heap and climb up the trunk, but the frame doesn’t bow under their weight. The old car is no longer a vehicle rusting in the grass but now it is a boat floating on the ocean tides, taking them to far away lands.  Soon the ship becomes a race car and they bounce on dirty seats, ignorant of the dust the rotten foam expels. And then the car becomes an island, and they are pirates trying to bury their treasure, their happy voices filling the twilight hours as they act out their dreams.

But another voice interrupts, one that barks “Kids! Get off that car! It isn’t a toy!”

And regretfully they do as they’re told, casting back looks towards the rusting metal structure as they walk towards the house and their expectant father.

“You kids know better,” he says firmly as they reach him. “That’s the first car your mother and I ever owned, and one of these days I’m going to fix it up.”

“Yeah, yeah,” they mutter, they’ve heard it a thousand times before.  He has so many plans though it is just a playground to them.

But their father’s eyes see something very different then either the children or the wildlife, because he looks through the veil of love, and to him the old rusty monster is still shining brightly with gleaming chrome and fresh paint, a sleeping princess waiting for a kiss from her prince. And no mater how many years pass, even when the bumper drops off and disappears, still the car will always be his first, his favorite, the one he can never let go; his car of memories and dreams.


Song playing at the moment – “Long Night Dreaming”- Crash Parallel

TTTC: Chapter 7

What is the TTTC? It’s a webcomic written by Jonathan Harvey and illustrated by me. we add a page every week, so be on the lookout. Why not visit and subscribe?

It’s time for a new chapter! We can only wonder what joys and delights Chapter Seven will bring us! (Seriously, we have no idea, so don’t bother asking!)




Click the above images for full sized turtley fun!

Manga Characters and Why Hair Matters

(originally from April 2008)


I have been redesigning Thane and Iry-Jo and here is what I came up with:

new thane and iry-jo big

Lookin’ more grown up

And as an illustration for HOW important hair is to a manga/anime character here is Thane with four different hairdo’s. I think he looks like a different person in each one, but it is the same face thanks to the layers function in PSP!

fun with hair big

It’s all the exact same face. weird, huh?

Song playing at the moment – “First Love” by Utada Hikaru

Artwork – Angels: The Powers

(originally from April 2008)

I’m working on a ten picture series of Angels based on the ten hierarchies. Yes, fine, there’s really only nine, but I feel that the Angels of Destruction warrant their own picture, whether they are technically under The Powers or not!

Anyway, here it is. there are two versions – I like the sepia layered one and hubby likes the full color.

A-powers color big

Full Color

A-powers sepia big


Song playing at the moment – Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

Swag Day & Sheep

The cool swagday box...

If you haven’t been following the I Smell Sheep blog you should (for a variety of reasons) but one  the biggest is a very cool new thing they will be doing on the 10th of every month, starting in June – Swagday.

What is swagday? And hey, for that matter, what is swag? Swag is free stuff.  So what is swagday? You guessed it: Free stuff day!

To play you just head over to the I Smell Sheep blog on the 10th of June and play the author to pet matching game. (Yes, this means match the author to the picture of their pet(s).

So what’s with the picture of the box? Because the point of Swagday is to climb outside your box and try something new.  For me, my box is pretty big (sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, romance, YA, contemporary) however, I know I avoid most chick-lit like the plague.

What box do you hide in? What genre’s have you consistently steered away from and why? And, while you ponder these questions, go check out the official announcement blog on the I Smell Sheep blog!

Springfield Cemetery in Photos

(originally from April 2008)

Spring and cemeteries go together like… well, popcorn and butter. So, we went wandering around Springfield National Cemetery.

cemetary 4.jpg


dickerson 2.jpg

Low light

daffodills 6.jpg


confed 1.jpg

Being a yank, this was weird to see!

white 4.jpg

I forget what these flowers are. Are they Magnolias, maybe?

unknown 1.jpg

Unknown Soldier


I still love this shot



statue 4.jpg

I had to climb on a crypt to get this shot – she’s a very tall statue!

pretty 2.jpg


pink 6.jpg


pink 2.jpg

I don’t know what these are, either

magnolia ghosts.jpg

Magnolia Ghosts

wrought iron.jpg


nice colored leaf.jpg

Still love this one, too

And that’s all for now!

Fav song of the moment – “Pray For Me”- SIXX:A.M.

Spring Flower Photos

(originally from April 2008)


not too bad closer.jpg

That’s snow on the flower

grape hyacinth.jpg

Grape Hyacinths

not bad close.jpg

Kinda pretty


would look good as a color splash

gorgeous close up.jpg

still one of my favorite photos

Fav Song of the moment – Asshole Father -Sick Puppies

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