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Collab Poem – Twisted Chains

(originally from March 2008)


You can probably guess what this week’s theme was 😉

Twisted Chains

Write me a story, sing me a dark song,
in places where the shadows grow cold.
Where beauty is exchanged for scars
and our passions never grow old.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
whisper to me the secrets of your soul.
Drink my blood and rip my mind.
Let the sin unfold and take hold.

Our souls sing this painful love song
and these chains bind my heart and make it bleed.
Take my heart, tear it to shreds, I beg you.
An angel smile from your lips is all I need.

Carve your name into my soul,
burn through me ’til nothing remains.
fallen angels from Beelzebub’s own door,
after your touch, can anything be the same?

It’s a want, a desire, a need.
I gave you my blood just to make you stay.
The nectar of the God’s tasted simply sweet,
roll it on your tongue while we play this dark game.

Broken and shattered, you leave me alone.
Desire burns while my soul slowly dies,
Fallen to my knees, i am out of hope.
My love, my love, please hear my cries.

And you laugh and you ask
As I bleed and tears fall from my eyes,
“Why do you ask for what you shouldn’t want?
When asked, we both know we’ll deny.”

Then you relent, my dark demon of the night
and burn my bruised lips with your fire.
My fallen angel, my demon from hell,
who fills me with twisted desire.

Write me a story, sing me a dark song,
in the place where shadows roam free.
Torture my mind, my body, my soul,
but never loose these chains binding me.

Some Lines from: Cheryl, Linda, Sashia, Colleen B, Sparkles, ediemay, Jimmy B, joskibear & moonflower

And it was that week’s winning poem! Yay!


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