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Collab Poem – Angel of the Night

(originally from March 2008)


Angel of the Night

When the nightmares come and your eyes are wide,
Like an angel, I’ll find you weeping,
And in my arms I will enfold you,
Safe through the night you shall be in my keeping.
Tell me your fears, what demons haunt you?
Your silence boasts what your eyes can not hide.
Don’t cry my sweet one, my darling, I’ll save you,
Keep the promises of the others who lied.
My eyes the beacon to brighten your night,
While I tell you a story, sing you a song,
And though I came only when you screamed,
Know that I’ve been here all along.

Some lines from: Sparkles, Sheila A, Cheryl, Wicked Lil’ Angel

Fav song of the moment – “Empty”- Down Below

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