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Goodbye Stargate Universe!


I was never a big fan of the Stargate franchise. I liked the movie, but SG1 failed to live up to it’s potential, with wooden characters and plots that could have been beautifully expanded but instead were condensed, much like a kiddie show. Atlantis definitely didn’t interest me, either, so when Stargate Universe started I didn’t expect to like it.

Boy, was I surprised.

Not only would I say I liked it, I would go so far as to put it up there with Doctor Who, Star Trek and various anime. Unlike it’s predecessors, the characters were flawed and fleshed out, no good-good guy, no super baddy. Each character was just another human being with hopes, ideas, a good side and a bad, trying to survive. Rather than being watered down, the episodes were most often no holds barred, mature storylines that more than once made me break into tears (and this is not an easy thing to do!).

English: stargate universe logo Français : Log...

English: stargate universe logo Français : Logo original de la série télévisée La porte de l’Univers Stargate Universe Svenska: logotypen för stargate universe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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