Old Family Photos

I finally got around to scanning some of the old family photos. There are 90 plus in my flickr now, and loads more to get to some day, but I’ll only bore you with a handful.


the crevelings - ethel, addy, dunno, dunno, william, dunno, della, tommy.jpg

My Great-Great Grandparents Addie and William Creveling. My Great Grandmother Della is the blonde girl in the front row sitting between her father and one of her brothers. The girl on the far left in the back is June’s mother (the lady we visited in Arizona is June) This would be early 1900’s.


ethel and harry poush c1910

June’s mother Ethel and her first child Harry circa 1910


della and joseph moffet wedding.jpg

Della and Joseph Moffet on their wedding day, My Great Grandparents.


june, josephine wanda.jpg

June (the woman we went to visit in Arizona), My grandma Josephine Moffet and her sister Wanda (who was born dark skinned and had to take a blood test to prove she wasn’t black, how stupid is that?!?)


Joe Moffet - ridgeway missouri.jpg

Great Grandpa Joseph Moffet in Ridgeway Missouri – 20’s or 30’s


chester, garland and  charlie hensley.jpg

Chester, Garland and Charlie Hensley – these are the children of one of the other Creveling girls from what we can figure.


mike and pat creveling and harry poush.jpg

Pat and Mike Creveling (Della’s younger brothers) and Harry Poush who is June’s older brother by her mom’s first husband.


charley hensley - killed in ww2.jpg

Charley Hensley – from WW2, he was killed on the boat and both of his brothers would have been too, except they had just passed the Sullivan law and moved them of the same ship.


garland hensley 3.jpg

His brother Garland


the mutchlers - vernie, lucille, crystal, beas, raymond, harry, pat, agnes, mike, marie, lee, joyce, dean .jpg

This is my Grandpa Mutchler’s family: Vernie, Lucile, Crystal, Beaze, My grandpa Raymond (in the gangster hat with the cigarette), his dad Harry, his Mother Agnes (the babies are Pat and Mike but dunno which is which) Marie with the doll, Lee, Joyce and Dean.


addie and william creveling.jpg

William and Addie Creveling (incidentally this is the same Grandma who raised June after her mother died – at some point though she took off and went out west to stay with her father for a couple years and cam back finally with expensive clothes that she then never wore but kept in the closet)


wanda ,della and josephine july 1942.jpg

Wanda (my Grandma’s sister) Della and my Grandma Josephine in 1942


bobbi, pinky and tommy 2.jpg

Bobbi DeGerald and her kids Pinky and Tommy – she left her husband and came back to live with the family, but I’m not sure how she fits in. EDIT: I’ve since been told that her husband, Walter, died of pneumonia and that was when she came back. Thanks for the info!


june in the TB san.jpg

June in the TB sanitarium


wanda n keith wedding.jpg

Wanda & Keith’s wedding (they have quite a tragic history – for some reason my family seems to have problems with being happy…)


josephine moffet.jpg

My grandma Josephine again


aunt dick - dorrel and garland's mom - and keith .jpg

“Aunt” Dick and Keith – Dick is Charley, Dorrel, Chester and Garland’s mom – she’s the one we think was a Creveling.


olen hensley, wanda, and  dorril hensley.jpg

Olen Hensley, Wanda and Dorrel Hensley (I believe Olen is the father of all the Hensley boys but not 100% sure)


fred jenny freeman josephine bonnie raymond june mike theresa.jpg

Fred (June’s husband) Jenny, Freeman, My grandma Josephine, my mom (in the green tanktop), Grandpa, June, Uncle Mike and Theresa when June came for a visit when my mom was a teenager.


no idea 3.jpg

No idea


no idea 2.jpg

And again no one seems to know who this is, though they keep passing the photograph down. It is currently hanging in my living room.


So there you have it. Some nice antique photos. Fun. Fun.

Fav song of the moment – “No Easy Way Out”- Bullet for my Valentine


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17 responses to “Old Family Photos”

  1. sassyspeaks says :

    cool pics – I’ve got some like that too – in the drawer !

  2. Bonnie Mutchler says :

    was a trip down memory lane to be sure, love

  3. kelly mutchler Robinson says :

    My father, Lee Mutchler, and his family are in your family photos. Cool.

  4. Wynona Gieb says :

    Hi Joleene,
    My name is Wynona Gieb, Bobby Degerald was my Grandmother, my mom is pinkie. I did visit June, Fred and Jeannie in Phoenix with my grandmother maybe in 1973 or 74. I copied your pic of my Mom, Uncle Tommy and my Grandmother. I don’t have very many pictures of my mom’s family and really don’t know much about that side of the family. I knew my Grandmother was married to Walter Creveling, but didn’t realize she had left him. I enjoyed looking at your pics.

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      That’s awesome! We actually have a LOT of photos of pinkie and Tommy if you would like to have them (we’ve moved recently so might take me awhile to find them) if you want to send me an address I’d be happy to send you some of them. My email is joleene (at) joleeneNaylor.com .

  5. Wynona Gieb says :

    Joleene, I realized after my earlier post, my Grandmother was a Creveling and her husband was Walter DeGerald. Sorry for my confusion.

  6. Melody says :

    I wanted to provide some clarification in regards to the photo with Bobbi Degerald and her 2 children (Pinky and Tommy). Bobbi didn’t leave her husband. His name was Walter and he had died of pneumonia.

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Thanks, Melody! All I had was what June could remember and some of that was sketchy 😦

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Also if you happen to know how Bobbi fits in… Whose daughter she was, that would be wonderful! I tried to piece things together and there are a lot of gaps!

      • Melody says :

        I really enjoyed the photos. I believe Bobbi Degerald was the daughter of Addie Elizabeth Phye Creveling and Addie was the wife of William Creveling.

        • Joleene Naylor says :

          Thanks so much! That would make her Della’s sister then. I wish someone had labeled the photograph of their family, Lol! Someone told me they think that “dick” was also one of the sisters, but born after the family photo.

        • Melody says :

          Bobbi was a nickname. Her real name was Valerie Wynona Creveling.

          • Melody says :

            Family links:
            William W. Creveling (1864 – 1929)
            Addie Elizabeth Phye Creveling (1874 – 1940)

            Walter Henry DeGerald (1907 – 1943)

            Andrew Creveling (1899 – 1957)*
            Della M. Creveling Moffett (1901 – 1943)*
            Katie Creveling (1904 – 1942)*
            Valerie Wynona Creveling DeGerald (1913 – 1995)

            • Melody says :

              Dick was Ellen Hensley and was married to Olen Hensley. Her maiden name was Creveling. She was one of Bobbi’s sisters. FYI…my information is coming from Phyllis (Pinky). She is in her 70’s but seems to remember a lot. She said it was definitely June in the hospital photo but she was fairly certain that Katie had died of TB.

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