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Untitled Collab

(originally from April 2008)



Catch a smile and toss it in the wind
Let it fly on the wings of butterflies with no thoughts to rescind
A sunny day with everything to look forward to
I dance beneath the sun’s bright rays
And I beckon, “Share your soul with me, if you dare.”
Your hands gave your answer
But later your words are silent as you simply stare,
Wondering if we went too far.

And too soon the scene changes in its hue
The feel of urgency now in the air.
Dark boiling clouds are rolling in,
Wind wailing and thunder raging.
The leaves of summer on the trees are trembling
Gaze up at black skies to wish upon a star,
But they are hidden by the fury of this storm,
As the veil of your beauty forever shrouds
The truth shimmering beneath your surface.

Wait for me beneath twilight’s last hour
Smile as you hold me close again
You stand too near but throw your heart away
And trade the fire’s ashes for beauty that will not fade
I look again and you are gone,
Alone, trapped in a nightmare filled with sin
Now I must recover all alone
From the chill I felt over losing you.

Your lonely son stands questioning at my feet
Your picture, in silence, ignores my pleas
The glass grows moist with drops of dew
Wet from the tears I’ve shed over you
And though a picture, still your eyes meet mine
Reminding me of words you’ve said.
“Everything you set out comes back in threes.”
And so I hope you haven’t forgotten me yet
And I try once more to start again-

I catch a smile and toss it in the wind…

Some lines from: Cheryl, daryl, Insatiable Jewel, Amanda, Tyler, margie, Linda, Colleen B, Wizard of AWWWWWs, journey2heaven, Rachel Ann, sparkles, Winter’s child, knight Master, Sheila A, crimson, It’s a Gyrl & Karen Tales from the Foot of the Bed

Fav song of the moment – Cowboys – Counting Crows

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