Springfield Cemetery in Photos

(originally from April 2008)

Spring and cemeteries go together like… well, popcorn and butter. So, we went wandering around Springfield National Cemetery.

cemetary 4.jpg


dickerson 2.jpg

Low light

daffodills 6.jpg


confed 1.jpg

Being a yank, this was weird to see!

white 4.jpg

I forget what these flowers are. Are they Magnolias, maybe?

unknown 1.jpg

Unknown Soldier


I still love this shot



statue 4.jpg

I had to climb on a crypt to get this shot – she’s a very tall statue!

pretty 2.jpg


pink 6.jpg


pink 2.jpg

I don’t know what these are, either

magnolia ghosts.jpg

Magnolia Ghosts

wrought iron.jpg


nice colored leaf.jpg

Still love this one, too

And that’s all for now!

Fav song of the moment – “Pray For Me”- SIXX:A.M.


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