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New Photos – Lonnie’s Garage


MORE new photos! *gasp*

Just some randomness from when we were chillin’ with the Father-in-law

soda glass

Soda glass



random box of screws. I just love the lighting on his work bench….


soda glass 4

The glass again….



shiny… nothing epic here….


detail 2

This is actually a candle holder, but I have always been a fan of that mesh design


baby screwdriver

a teeny tiny baby screwdriver! hee-hee!


hula doll

Hula girl in the shadows


car trophy

I liked the bright blue here


chucky is cute

My cute Chucky πŸ™‚


soda glass close

You can see the bubbles!


my cool shoes

My awesome shoes


cows n trees

Cows go “moo”


a very cool sunset

Okay, not at the in-laws, but cool, anyway. I had to clone brush out a bazillion electric lines. I hate electric lines. Have I said that before? Maybe if they’d bury the damn things we wouldn’t have so many power outages – just sayin’!


And that’s it for now. πŸ™‚Β  You’ve been spared the really gross photo. (if you click that link it’s not my fault).Β  There’s a ton more photos I need to upload (no more gross ones, I don’t think), so there may be some more photo blogs coming!

song playing at the moment – First time – Lifehouse

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