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TTTC – Chapter 7 Page 3

What is the TTTC? It’s a webcomic written by Jonathan Harvey and illustrated by me. we add a page every week, so be on the lookout. Why not visit and subscribe?

Due to an unfortunately miserable illness we missed another week last week. But, now we really are back on schedule (maybe I should quit saying that?)


Click the image above for full sized turtley fun and send Get well soon wishes to Jonathan (it’s his week to be sick, now!)

Rain & Dew Photos

(originally from June 2008)

The title says it all….

drip close

Rain drop

rain n vine nice

Rain and vine

reflection 1


rain n leaves curled 2

Like jewels

clouds 3


leaves n rain good

big drops

dew n grass not bad

dew on grass



dew n vine good

dew n vine


sparkling weeds

dew n vine 3 best

love the colors

leaves n rain 3 great

more leaves

rain n leaves nice

last one

and that’s all for now

Fav song of the moment – the Night – Disturbed


(originally from June 2008)

I had a blog I was working on -aka this is not it – but this morning was too weird not to share! I call it morning because it was my morning, but it would be afternoon for the rest of you.

As I have mentioned before my stove burner doesn’t work and hasn’t for some time. The landlords finally decided to do something about it now that our rent has gone up 45$. So, they leave a note on Tuesday saying the “stove repair guy” will be here Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday afternoon. I’ve been going to bed at noon or one pm and getting up at nine pm, so this is a definite time conflict. But it needs fixed.

Luckily, the place is still clean from the air-conditioner-cleaning-emergency-clean, so all I have to do is just pick up the odds and ends and wait. So, Tuesday passes and nothing. Wednesday I get up early, spend the day drawing and still, nothing. I’m starting to think there is no stove repair guys and the landlords just imagined it. After all, I’ve never heard of stove repair guys.

Today (Thursday), I get up and kind of wait around just in case, but by 4:30 there’s been no call from the landlords saying they were coming, so I decide it was imaginary and I go to take a shower…

There is just hubby and me in this place and our blinds in the bedroom live in a permanently closed state, so I don’t close the bathroom door to take a shower – I’m home alone, after all.  Now, I’m in the shower, just putting in the conditioner, when someone bangs on the door. I freeze, and the knocking repeats. I panic and start wondering if I beat on the wall if my brother might hear it and come over to see what I want, thereby dealing with whoever is at my door. But, if I do that whoever is there will hear me…

Thy knock again. I decide they aren’t going away and I scream loudly, “Just a minute!” and start hysterically trying to get the conditioner out of my hair. However, considering the distance from the tub to the front door and the water running they don’t hear me and all of a sudden I hear the landlord’s voice, “Are you home?”

I shriek again, “Just a minute!” but it’s too late.

“We’re here to fix the stove!” she announces loudly, and when I dare to peak between the shower curtain and the wall (a straight shot to the kitchen/bedroom doorway) I can see their shadows RIGHT THERE!


Sounds of someone fixing a stove drift to me and I think, “Aha! I’ll just get dressed in the shower!” only when I dare to slink out a wet arm, I find that my clothes aren’t there. A quick rethink reveals that they’re in the bedroom, laying on the foot of the bed. I’m trapped.

Whether because the guy is an imaginary stove repairman or because he imagines that the showering chick in the other room is actually attractive, it took him 45 minutes to fix that stove burner. 45 MINUTES. Meanwhile, I’m trapped behind nothing but a pair of shower curtains, with a cat who is howling because she can’t figure out what I’m doing, and a landlord maybe ten feet away in the bedroom/kitchen doorway who occasionally makes some comment that I have to answer – just so we can all remember that I’m there!

That was quite possibly some of the longest 45 minutes I’ve ever lived through. I thought several times about turning the water back on and finishing my shower, but it seemed too weird. Finally, he finishes the job and the landlord makes little jokes about how it’s all fixed so I’ll have to cook hubby dinner and all I can think is “for the love of god – GO AWAY!”

After that they left and I went on with my day. I only wish  could say that it was worth it, but alas the burner barely lasted a week. Needless to say, I haven’t bothered reporting it. How many burners do  need, anyway?

And if that’s not weird enough for you, take a look at this college advertisement I ran into

I think Bounty Hunter Santa is on something….

song playing at the moment – In Joy and Sorrow – HIM 

Ye Gads (and a gross poem)


It seems I’ve run out of pre-scheduled posts. No, not out of stuff, just stuff I already had scheduled, so I need to find some time tonight and get some more set up.

I haven’t gotten much done this month, certainly not what I expected to. I’d hoped to have Ties of blood, the third book in the Amaranthine series, edited, formatted and ready to upload for the first proof copy, but that didn’t happen. I do have the front cover drawn and almost colored. I need to finish up his boots and I need to pick some scenery silhouette to go behind him (it’s the cemetery from book 2 you’ll see in the rough below).  I need to spend some time strolling through my photos and find something.

Still needs some work

I was also hoping to finally get all the photos from may edited and uploaded, but that hasn’t happened, either. I still have a folder of a ducky pond trip I’m half through and one of toadstools, and then I managed to take a few photos this month I still need to weed through (most notably some cool lightning ones).

And I was hoping that I’d have made a start on my executioner Collector Cards, but I’ve only gotten 8 0r 9 drawn and no one colored.

What I have done the last couple of weeks is be sick. I finally broke down and went to the ER and the bizarre lump on my leg turned out to be an abscess (the subsequent infection was what was making me so sick). They drained it and put me on antibiotics and I’m feeling a lot better.  I guess I should have gone sooner, but it just didn’t seem ER worthy. To quote the movie UHF, “Supplies!”

I am going to be gone July 1st through the 9th or 10th. We’re going to see hubby’s grandma in Jefferson.

This has been a pretty boring post, so I’m going to add a special poem that I wrote just for my friend Jonathan:

Abscess, oh abscess,  on my leg you were found
a big solid chunk with a soft, squishy mound
with you came fever, nausea, chills
all of those things that mean high doctor bills
When they stabbed you, you laughed, said “is that all you got?”
Doctor poked you again and again ’til you popped
A big ugly hole in your fat purple face,
and a gross squirt of puss, it shot right ‘cross the place
Then they squeezed you and squished you with no anesthetic
and out came lots of goo, your brains yellow and septic
they smelled like an arm pit, or an old running shoe
You gross abscess, I can’t wait to be rid of you!
Now, your brains are still oozing when I soak you in the bath
bandaged and shrinking, you’ve gone down by half
Of your death I am guilty, I am happy to say
and I enjoy every minute of your demise, every day!
‘Til the day when you’re gone, only memories remain
And if you ever come back,  once again you’ll be slain

Jonathan requested that, specially.  Yeah, he is a weird guy.

Artwork – Angels: The Cherubim

(originally from June 2008)

I’m working on a ten picture series of Angels based on the ten hierarchies. Yes, fine, there’s really only nine, but I feel that the Angels of Destruction warrant their own picture, whether they are technically under The Powers or not!

I have two versions again.

A-cherubim color big

full color

A-cherubim sepia big

the sepia one 🙂

Song playing at the moment – Wish You Well – Thousand Foot Krutch

My Best Friend – Flash Fiction

(originally from June 2008)

This was written for a Barb’s Challenge. The topics were “best Friend” and “Childhood” so I combined them.

My Best Friend

School is out and the world is free. The garden gate swings shut and laughter dances on a warm summer breeze. The sun is shining and the flowers are nodding off to sweet scented dreams. The green trees are swaying and in their branches the birds sing a private song just for you and me.

I stop my hurried amble to scratch at a mosquito bite and then start again. I run now through grass, deep with the smell of life, and I head to the secret clubhouse. It’s really just some old milk crates, but when I look at it I see something infinitely more impressive. It can be a pirate’s den or a cottage or even a school building. As long as we’re together it can be anything. Today, however, it is a princess’ castle.

The birds in the trees, robins and wrens, turn into golden swans whose voices are like silver trumpets. The broken coffee cup is fine china and I sit upon a chair made of gold and sip spiced tea from it. My dirty play clothes turn into a shimmering gown of rainbow colors; the kind of dress that a handsome prince would find his eyes drawn to. A servant sits in the corner of the room and plays music on an enchanted harp. It will play  any kind of music that you like, even if you don’t know all the words.

An innocent toad hops by, but you tell me that he isn’t so innocent, he’s really henchman of the Evil King who has come to kidnap me and take me to the neighboring country of Abbradabra, our bitter enemies. I leap from my golden chair and shriek, and the toad hops away as fast as he can. A battalion of royal guards chase after him.

Now I am curious,  so I follow him through the grass. As I go, the resplendent gown turns into a long black dress and my crown becomes a pointed hat. I’m a witch out chasing down a toad for my latest potion. All I need to do is catch him and dip him the green brew and at last the curse will be complete. That will teach those dwarves to steal my magic apples!

But the toad is fast. He hops and jumps and, even though I try to tackle him, he gets away, but it’s okay. As long as I have you here I can be something else because you’re my best friend, the only one I really need.

You’re my imagination.


Fav Song of the Moment –“New Drug” – Thousand Foot Krutch

Collab Poem: How I Owe my Thanks to Big Tony

(originally from May 2008)


And here is my Colab for the week! It was very hard to stick to my guns on this one – I had planned a mobster poem since Tuesday when I saw JT’s line about hiding from the Mob and then there were all these GREAT sinister lines! *sobbing* But, I managed to forsake them so here it is any way!

How I Owe My Thanks to Big Tony

Here we are, just you and I, at a cabin by the lake
hiding from the Mob and those cement shoes they make.
I’m sure they’d clash terribly with the pin stripe suits I wear
and so we had to run tonight and get away from there.

But we both know what we’re doing here, so there’s no need to ask why
and I’m trying to ignore your tears, but my God, you just keep crying!
You really can not handle stress, this much is plain to me,
I thought you’d faint when Big Tony said, “Come, let me hear your scream.”

It was such a peaceful night, in our large house near the park,
when a sound awakened me and I peered out through the dark.
I sniffed, the smell of gunpowder wafted on the evening breeze,
and in our tidy front yard I saw Mousy Marvin falling to his knees.

A stool pigeon by profession, this came as no surprise,
but I have to say I never thought our flower bed’d be where he died!
My brain raced and I made a plan, I felt like a live wire
then you ruined it when you started screaming as if you were on fire.

So Big Tony found us, waved his gun, made threats galore
and that’s when you nearly fainted to the naked bedroom floor.
So I fired off some rounds, and we escaped that place,
and through the whole trip you kept shrieking, “I’ve been married to a fake!”

Now I’ve had enough my sweet, even though I saved your ass.
Still you’re whining, and youre moaning, and you’re giving me much sass.
So let’s take a walk, just you and me, never mind my gun
There on that big rock just this side of the dock we’ll have a little fun.

You shake your head quite firmly as “Come here,” I softly say.
Then as I draw near you cringe and shout, “Put that duct tape away!”
You say that you don;t know me, that I’m a stranger to you now.
Well my real name is Billy Bob – it’s not catchy, I’ll allow.

I’m a gangster and a bad guy, and it’s always been that way
and you never cared before when the money rolled in every day
So don’t look so surprised and scared, you’ll only make me mad.
I’m getting tired of your noise and your nagging like a hag.

The life of an outlaw comes with a price, and you should have known it dear,
Coz now I’m contemplating flinging your body off the pier.
I don;t think I should leave you because the neighbors would all talk.
They’ll weep and they’ll whimper at the outline made in chalk.

Besides a body in the sun quickly starts to stink
So I’ll throw you in the water – you weigh enough to sink.
I load you in the boat and into the gulf we sail this day
I’ve often looked ta you and wondered, “Will she ever go away?”

And now I have my answer, thought it took a terrible fright
I really owe Big Tony for making me see the light.
It’s a pity that I shot him, but he’ll keep you company
In your watery grave, deep under the sea.

Some Lines from: Cheryl, Mic, Johnloving1963, racheAnne, lady Oregon, Oma, Lawrence of Ukraine, Sheila A, JT, BC Beneke, Mary Ska & Katrina

Fav songs of the moment – “Falls Apart” – Thousand Foot Krutch

Old Flower Photos

(originally from May 2008)


Yes, here are MORE flower photos! Oh wow, huh? I actually got caught by a neighbor taking these and we had a discussion on whether I was a painter or not. Apparently her niece was one and she would wander around and take her own reference photographs and the neighbor would say “That’s not a pretty picture” and her niece would tell her “You just wait till I get it done” and sure enough, they always were beautiful when she finished them.

really close iris.jpg

Still one of my favorite photos

daisy 1.jpg


inside an iris.jpg

inside an iris

red iris.jpg

had to use flash…. and it shows….

peonie white 2.jpg

yeah, I did some filtering here 😉

ant 2.jpg

an ant on the peonies – it’s the only time I am jealous of ants. Imagine being tiny enough to climb inside one of those. Wouldn’t it smell beautiful?


rain on the iris

yellow iris 2.jpg

yellow iris

yellow 2.jpg

cute little flowers

And that’s it for today!

Fv song of the moment – “Wake up” – Story of the Year

Collab Poem: Red Sky

(originally from May 2008)


Red Sky

Heavens torn asunder, thunder rages
the darkness wraps around, all consuming.
In empty night you touch, but cannot feel,
dead emotions can’t tell what’s real.
You search deep within for some answer,
and find her face haunting your mind
Let it carry you through the mist of darkest night,
time will heal and tears will dry.
Though you don’t know when
and don’t care why,
still that smile will return,
your faith renewed
You can keep your memories,
but don’t let them rule your life.
reach through the dark and find me here,
waiting ’til your raging’s ceased
and you drop at last to dreamless sleep,
untroubled by the fears you felt,
the regrets you savor like bitter wine.
The sun creeps ‘ore the dark horizon.
Awake, the new day is here.
Dew drops glisten in the morning sun.
Puddles in the street mirror the rain washed sky,
with rainbow hues in shades of blue lazuli
The eve of a new era can begin,
but dawn’s red sky warns of more rain
Still I am here beside you,
praying that your lonely darkness will soon fade away
so you can see how the sun is shining
and how bright our future could be.

Some lines from: Laurie, Nav Works, Insatiable Jewel, divine, Margie, winter’s child, donna B, JT, Cheryl, Colleen B, Linda, Brenda Gail

Fav Song of the Moment – “Casualties of War” Crash Parallel

Artwork – Angels: The Guardians

(originally from May 2008)

I’m working on a ten picture series of Angels based on the ten hierarchies. Yes, fine, there’s really only nine, but I feel that the Angels of Destruction warrant their own picture, whether they are technically under The Powers or not!

I don’t like this one. In fact I would have redone it from the start except my mother liked it, so it stayed.

A-virtue color big

eg. I still don’t like this one

A-virtue sepia big

not even with sepia

Fav song of the moment – “Love You Still” – Crash Parallel

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