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Collab Poem: Seasons

(originally from May 2008)


This one doesn’t make a lot of sense. basically there were a LOT of cool lines I wanted to use….


Your sweet words whisper on a fragrant breeze,
murmurs of love and things to please
and in my eyes, reflections of your smile.
While passion’s kisses tint my mouth a rosy hue,
young love, laced with sweetness, holds us in her hands.
The songs of spring echo in our too full hearts,
playing melodies of sweet desire’s musings.
While we lend an ear to hopeful dreams for shimmering futures;
dreams of gossamer that tinkle in the shining haze.
And the golden sun drops into mountains of indigo blue,
day and night meet in an eddying pool of twilight.
The current pulls us under and we surrender to it’s call.
The song of the siren singing us sweetly to sleep in each other’s arms,
devoid of all intrusions and distracted by
each new discovery on the topography of our souls.

Still the eye of time is ever watchful,
counting down to the end of days, flowers from forgotten summers.
Sad that your longing’s fire should be as soon as kindled, cooled.
Leaving no way to recover the years and days spent
with cool eyes and colder smiles, too many secrets betrayed.
Your arms hold me but offer only the chill of indifference
so that I freeze beneath your careless touch.
You try to leave me but I hold you down,
like dusty cobwebs, the guilt clings to your soul.
I should not trap you in this unrequited snare,
but my intentions bleed empty and still I hold you,
refusing to relinquish, though your eyes show no affection.
And to ease my pain I churn out useless phrases,
white paper bloodied with my rage poured forth,
a soul lost, out of time and alone.

And now the pen has dried, there are no rhymes.
Beneath the veneer of implacable illusion.
Candles dripping time away,
amalgamated colored wax that mixes with the dew.
The writhing redness shows the blood that I once bled.
Naked flames shivering in the autumn air,
the fire but mere phantoms of man’s self-tormenting heart,
melting all the words before you speak.
Each drop of wax a minute… an hour?
The flickering lights cast doubts beyond the shadow of our future.
Drown in darkness, my mind strains for what is false ans what is true,
and we sit here and stare… with nothing left to say.
While emotion colors my night with every hue,
my fingers tremble, but my eyes stay cold like yours,
And I know tomorrow you’ll be gone, I can no longer make you stay.

I want to wake up and still remember you,
a specter of beauty, clothed all in white.
Like death, hiding behind a shimmering shroud.
But the vision cuts my soul like a razor’s edge,
my world’s made barren, like winter‘s kiss upon the plain
and my soul bleeds cold stones, like tears, to heap upon a grave.
Alone, you’ve left me chained to misery, a slave of sorrow’s cruelty.
I bow to my new master, black hearted, he sits on his throne.
In the depths of his eyes lay the punishments for my desires.
Bride of suffering, I kneel at his feet,
the lights flicker, the room goes dark,
the candle’s flame extinguished in my soul.
I contemplate death’s sweet release, but still I can’t let go.
And while your smile is reflected in another’s eyes
I sit, surrounded by the ice, holding to my memories of spring.

Some lines from: Cheryl, A-Rhodi, Colleen B, Lawrence of Ukraine, Winter’s Child, Lady Oregon, Glenn, Vicki, Ruggi, Knight Master, OBM ME, chi_shana, Amanda, David, 70schild60ssoul, dream Weaver, Sgeila A, & tyler

Fav songs of the moment – “Little Things Give You Away”- Linkin Park and “Lies”- 32 Leaves (AWESOME BAND!!!! )

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