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More on Superpoke Pets


I was going to post a long, windy post yesterday, but it turned into something more factual. Since I haven’t seen much of that online anywhere, I decided to leave it and do the whiny, personal stuff today.

I’ve been playing Superpoke Pets since summer of 2008 and, right or wrong, I’ve become pretty attached to my virtual Chicken, Clucky. With the announcement of new changes, people in the forums are saying that it is the friends that keep them on the site blah, blah, blah. Not so for me. Sure, I like people on SPP, but I visit the site because I like to play with my pets, decorate the habitats, look at other people’s habitats and play the arcade game Pet Dazzled.  I also enjoyed Thursday’s shopping night. Though it was usually a glitch filled race to beat other players to items,  for every ounce of annoyance there was a pound of delight when you did get those hard to obtain goods.

With the shopping taken away, my first reaction was outrage. In retrospect I have enough items and habitats to keep all my pets busy for years. Counting the four habitats I bought the last couple of days from people’s closing out sales, I have 408 habitats, including almost every coin habitat ever released. If I decorated one a day for the next year I still couldn’t use them all. I don’t even want to guess how many thousands of items I’ve collected in the last three years, both gold and coin. And there are still a few more Thursdays left in June to buy new items on.

My main concern with the SPP “cutbacks” are that 1) everyone else will leave and 2) all items will be locked up in accounts and there won’t be anything to buy, Marketplace or no. Yeah, I know I just said I have thousands of items, but sometimes you need something else. Like When I wanted to make a river in a habitat and needed some extra rugs for the water.

the water is made up of several rugs

Even worse, if there’s no one left then they will close it down. Servers cost money. The thought of my cute little pets disappearing makes me, well, depressed is a good word for it. And they are cute. In fact, the cuteness my favorite thing about SPP. I joined the site because the advertisement was so cute and when they announced the new pet look this last December, one of the Admins assured us skeptics that with the new adorable animations they were even cuter. I didn’t believe her but after two weeks of playing with friends’ pets I realized she was right – they were cuter! That’s right about the same time that Clucky had an unfortunate accident…

right after new years, too!

and some plastic surgery

What a way to spend January – in bandages!

And emerged as one of the happy, dancing chickens.

Whoa! A whole new look!

Look at that little face. How could you want to delete it, let alone take out the other two pets I have co-ownership of:

Piggly Wiggly – who is technically Bonnie’s

The Quickness who is technically Jonathan’s, though barely 😉

I don’t know. So long as SPP actually remains opened I will stay there because I like it. When I feel overly stressed  or depressed I log on and play with the cute little cartoon animals or else spend hours clicking away rainbow colored pet jewels in the Arcade game.  So long as I can do that I guess I will be happy, even if there’s no new releases, no new garden seeds, no new quests, no new games and no updates of any kind.

Man, when you put it out like that, it still sucks.

On a brighter note, please enjoy a  gallery of some of Clucky’s past superpoke pets habitats!

Tomorrow I think I might post the rest – he has a world tour that was a lot of fun 🙂

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