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New Photos – Flowers, a frog and Ozark Hills


Yeah, the title pretty much says it all. These are from an outing last month (I know, that’s how behind I am!)

ozark hills

Ozark Hills

blue 2

Something borrowed, something blue….

purple 2

These things grow everywhere, but I think they’re underappreciated

white 2

white flowers (Can you tell I’m not a botonist?)

close up

silk worm webs -or at least that’s what we always called them 🙂

web closeup


tiny frog

very tiny frog!

tiny yellow flowers

another “weed” flower. Seriously, who decides what is a weed vs a viable flower?

rose of sharon i believe


mud puddle

water puddle

standard missouri road

standard rural highway around here

Exciting, huh? So, did you guys like the photos like this better, or in the galleries better?  Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and schedule some more like this while I have the chance, but your opinion will be noted for future ones 🙂

Song playing at the moment – Love the Hardest Way – HIM

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