New Photos – Camping at Pomme De Terre


– which means ground apple, by the way, so I have recently learned. As Steve called it, potato pond. Well there went an otherwise cool name!

So, anyway, we went camping with the inlaws and had a.. well, a nice time if you discount sleeping on a hill, on an air mattress that leaked.Β  Oh, and all the bug bites. Otherwise, it was fun, though.Β  And, of course, I had to take a billion photos.

small turtle casts long shadow

Jason’s tiny turtle

a tiny crabby turtle

it’s crabby

sunset over Pom de tere


misty reflections

misty reflections

chucky and jason waiting for the tent to assemble itself

Chucky & Jason wait for the tent to assemble itself

neat effect

misty lake

sunset over lake

orange sunset

blair witch 1

oh no! it’s the Blair Witch!

fenced in

night photgraphy

a shiny drain

one shiny drain!

lights in the trees

lights in the trees across the lake

wear what?

Wear what?

nighttime picnic grounds

night time picnic

awesome fire

camp fire

blue fire

wish I’d had some marshmallows

flooded 2

the lake was so high we could almost fish from our camping spot

And that’s it. I have some more photos I need to edit, but I need to get to work on my book more, so I think you may be back to old posts again after this.

Song playing at the moment – Fill Up This Bad Machine – Backyard Babies

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8 responses to “New Photos – Camping at Pomme De Terre”

  1. Sheila Creighton says :

    a nice bunch of images. I especially like the front view of that cute little turtle!

  2. julihoffman says :

    I love your images! The fire ones were great. My son is in LOVE with your baby turtle ones. πŸ™‚ (Me too! πŸ˜‰ )

  3. Sharon S. says :

    awww! turtle! The colors in these photos are amazing! Great job.

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