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Collab Poem: Alone in Madness

(originally from May 2008)


Alone in Madness

In a time lost to the world, I hold you now and forever.
You smile a smile that sparkles for me.
But that vision is only an illusion,
a long ago delusion on the tide of memory.

Fate brought us together with a smile
and a kiss to seal our destiny.
But we were shattered by time; chipped and broken.
Now I’m addicted to the memories of what used to be.

Dreamy shadows of the past still haunt me,
the ghost of your once kind smile abides.
I’m left here feeling deep despair,
empty, half dead and hollow inside.

Why do I try to live without you?
Clinging to dust, parched, unable to swallow.
Outside stars spread to infinity
an endless path that I long to follow.

Is it really death that draws me nears?
The sweet oblivion to steal away my painful dreaming?
Or do you have the secret that holds the key,
to stop my soul’s eternal bleeding?

Never mind. Just shut your eyes, my sweetest love,
it does no good for you to see.
Uncomprehending of my pain,
you’re lost in your land of cold insanity.

(Some lines from: A-Rhodi, Cheryl, Joskibear, LadyBlackWidow, derocherart, Insatiable Jewel, divine, Sheila A, tyler, journey2heaven, Colleen B, ediemay, burrito’s project & Michelle)

Fav song of the moment – “Incomplete” – The Last Good Night

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