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Collab Poem: Red Sky

(originally from May 2008)


Red Sky

Heavens torn asunder, thunder rages
the darkness wraps around, all consuming.
In empty night you touch, but cannot feel,
dead emotions can’t tell what’s real.
You search deep within for some answer,
and find her face haunting your mind
Let it carry you through the mist of darkest night,
time will heal and tears will dry.
Though you don’t know when
and don’t care why,
still that smile will return,
your faith renewed
You can keep your memories,
but don’t let them rule your life.
reach through the dark and find me here,
waiting ’til your raging’s ceased
and you drop at last to dreamless sleep,
untroubled by the fears you felt,
the regrets you savor like bitter wine.
The sun creeps ‘ore the dark horizon.
Awake, the new day is here.
Dew drops glisten in the morning sun.
Puddles in the street mirror the rain washed sky,
with rainbow hues in shades of blue lazuli
The eve of a new era can begin,
but dawn’s red sky warns of more rain
Still I am here beside you,
praying that your lonely darkness will soon fade away
so you can see how the sun is shining
and how bright our future could be.

Some lines from: Laurie, Nav Works, Insatiable Jewel, divine, Margie, winter’s child, donna B, JT, Cheryl, Colleen B, Linda, Brenda Gail

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