Collab Poem: How I Owe my Thanks to Big Tony

(originally from May 2008)


And here is my Colab for the week! It was very hard to stick to my guns on this one – I had planned a mobster poem since Tuesday when I saw JT’s line about hiding from the Mob and then there were all these GREAT sinister lines! *sobbing* But, I managed to forsake them so here it is any way!

How I Owe My Thanks to Big Tony

Here we are, just you and I, at a cabin by the lake
hiding from the Mob and those cement shoes they make.
I’m sure they’d clash terribly with the pin stripe suits I wear
and so we had to run tonight and get away from there.

But we both know what we’re doing here, so there’s no need to ask why
and I’m trying to ignore your tears, but my God, you just keep crying!
You really can not handle stress, this much is plain to me,
I thought you’d faint when Big Tony said, “Come, let me hear your scream.”

It was such a peaceful night, in our large house near the park,
when a sound awakened me and I peered out through the dark.
I sniffed, the smell of gunpowder wafted on the evening breeze,
and in our tidy front yard I saw Mousy Marvin falling to his knees.

A stool pigeon by profession, this came as no surprise,
but I have to say I never thought our flower bed’d be where he died!
My brain raced and I made a plan, I felt like a live wire
then you ruined it when you started screaming as if you were on fire.

So Big Tony found us, waved his gun, made threats galore
and that’s when you nearly fainted to the naked bedroom floor.
So I fired off some rounds, and we escaped that place,
and through the whole trip you kept shrieking, “I’ve been married to a fake!”

Now I’ve had enough my sweet, even though I saved your ass.
Still you’re whining, and youre moaning, and you’re giving me much sass.
So let’s take a walk, just you and me, never mind my gun
There on that big rock just this side of the dock we’ll have a little fun.

You shake your head quite firmly as “Come here,” I softly say.
Then as I draw near you cringe and shout, “Put that duct tape away!”
You say that you don;t know me, that I’m a stranger to you now.
Well my real name is Billy Bob – it’s not catchy, I’ll allow.

I’m a gangster and a bad guy, and it’s always been that way
and you never cared before when the money rolled in every day
So don’t look so surprised and scared, you’ll only make me mad.
I’m getting tired of your noise and your nagging like a hag.

The life of an outlaw comes with a price, and you should have known it dear,
Coz now I’m contemplating flinging your body off the pier.
I don;t think I should leave you because the neighbors would all talk.
They’ll weep and they’ll whimper at the outline made in chalk.

Besides a body in the sun quickly starts to stink
So I’ll throw you in the water – you weigh enough to sink.
I load you in the boat and into the gulf we sail this day
I’ve often looked ta you and wondered, “Will she ever go away?”

And now I have my answer, thought it took a terrible fright
I really owe Big Tony for making me see the light.
It’s a pity that I shot him, but he’ll keep you company
In your watery grave, deep under the sea.

Some Lines from: Cheryl, Mic, Johnloving1963, racheAnne, lady Oregon, Oma, Lawrence of Ukraine, Sheila A, JT, BC Beneke, Mary Ska & Katrina

Fav songs of the moment – “Falls Apart” – Thousand Foot Krutch

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  1. moonvapors says :

    LOL!! Really cute!

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