Random June Photos

(originally from June 2008)


ligtening 6 good.jpg


Though I’ve been cutting out the odd little antidotes from these blogs, this is one worth sharing:

Funny story. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (which we went to see) was not on until ten because it was sharing a theater with Kung Fu Panda. So, we get there, we sit through the forever of “scene it” and trivia and crap and there’s just us and a pair of time travelers- I say this because I saw them twice in the next two days wearing the same clothes. She had on a long dress circa 1940 hillbilly best and he had on flannel and a huge belt buckle. they weren’t Mennonites, nor Amish and they were only early 30’s so couldn’t have been THAT old fashioned…. this means they were time travelers who just picked inoffensive gab for their visit. Or aliens. I admit they might be aliens. Maybe it was a good thing we didn’t ask them about trans dimensional time travel at wal-mart. Anyway, so the previews start rolling. I say previews, but the first three are TV commercials – wtf is up with that?! Anyway so the previews start and funny thing – they’re the same thing they had for Panda a couple weeks ago. By the fourth one I’m chuckling, “Wouldn’t it be funny if they forgot to switch reels?” so, the previews continue while I snicker then they end and voila! There is a cartoon panda talking about awesomeness! The funniest part is the time traveling couple would have just watched it, I think. So hubby went and asked the employees why we’d paid for Indy but were watching Panda again and in the end they changed the reel and gave hubby a free popcorn and offered us soda refills, which we did not need yet. I mean previews are long but not that long!
Anyway, I liked the movie, it explained where Marion went which has always bugged me and I an easily see an Indy junior series coming some day. I did think they ended up too happy to fast, but it is fantasy after all :p

Now, on to more random pics!

frog 7 - adorable.jpg

A frog that wandered into our house

froggy on wall.jpg

stuck to my kitchen wall

proof that gas pricesare too high - not doctored.jpg

proof the gas prices are too high!

cool cloud.jpg

Awesome cloud

lightning 1.jpg


lightening 11 awesome.jpg

cool lightning

lightening 3.jpg

awesome storm shot

queen anne's lace.jpg

queen anne’s lace

and that’s all for now

No, those are old lightning pics, not the ones I mentioned the other day. Who knows when those will be up 😦

Song going through my head – Dangermouse Theme Song

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4 responses to “Random June Photos”

  1. julihoffman says :

    I hava a guy who comes into my work who I claim is a vampire. He looks to be in his mid 20’s but wears clothes that look like they’re out of the late 1930s. I hadn’t thought about the time traveler angle. I just figured he needed to update his wardrobe. 🙂

  2. moonvapors says :

    look at the pic labeled storm and tell me you do not see a face in the clouds. It’s awesome.

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